How to Take Care of Anthuriums

How to Take Care of Anthuriums

You made a good decision on getting an anthurium houseplant. Its heart-shaped flowers and bright colors suggest joy, abundance, and hospitality.

Although caring for the lovely anthurium may seem hard at first, you’ll soon get the hang of it. So, we will now show you exactly how to do that so they can continue to beautify your house.

Basic Anthurium Care

Basic Anthurium Care

Anthuriums prefer bright and indirect light to grow. If you place them in a low-light spot, they will still grow, albeit much slower and with fewer blooms.

On the other hand, putting them under direct sunlight will burn their leaves, so you have to keep them away from it.

Besides that, the soil has to be well-drained; the water should drain out of the pot at a moderate rate. If it drains too slowly or quickly, the plants will either absorb too much or too little, which will harm them.

Giving them well-draining soil can be done by mixing half perlite or orchid soil and half potting soil. Also, place the pot in a dry and warm location so the soil won’t become too moist.

Next, watering them should be done regularly provided the plant’s soil is dry. If you’re not sure, place your finger in the soil or use a stick to check it.

Overwatering them can lead to root rot characterized by soft and brown roots as opposed to healthy roots’ white and firm look. Unless you take swift measures to remedy it, the plant will die soon.

Finally, it’s not necessary to fertilize the soil often—once every three to four months will suffice. What’s more, use only 1/4-strength fertilizer to keep the plant healthy.

For wonderful flowers and healthy roots, we recommend using a fertilizer with a higher phosphorus level. To determine your fertilizer’s phosphorus content, find its NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) ratio usually printed on its label.

The higher the nutrient number, the higher its concentration in that fertilizer. For example, a 5-20-5 fertilizer means that its phosphorus is four times more than the other two nutrients.

FAQs about Taking Care of Anthuriums

  1. How fast does an anthurium grow?

Anthuriums can grow at a slow to moderate rate depending on how you take care of them. It can grow taller and produce flowers all year round.

Most of the time, they are slow-growing, so you would only need to repot your anthuriums every two to three years.

Speaking of growth, the indoor plant’s maximum height is 12 to 18 inches and 9 to 12 inches from side to side.

  1. Can I set my anthuriums indoors?

Yes, as long as the temperature does not go lower than 60 ℉ and it gets warmth and plenty of indirect light. Anthuriums are a tropical plant, after all!

  1. What’s the most special thing about anthuriums?

The most special thing about anthuriums is their flowers. These aren’t only wonderful, but they can also last long for months, unlike those of other plants.

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