A Guide to February Birth Flowers and Their Meanings

A Guide to February Birth Flowers and Their Meanings

The month of love, February, has three different birth flowers, namely the iris, the violet, and the primrose. 

They’re all gorgeous flowers in their own right with certain positive meanings and symbolism. Find out what they are here in this simple guide to February birth flowers

We’ll also discuss their cultural significance and ideal gifting occasions so you’ll know what makes them special and when to give them.

What does the iris flower symbolize?

What does the iris flower symbolize

Often coming in purple, the iris flower connotes faith, courage, wisdom, virtue, and royalty. But it can also be taken to mean peace, freedom, and even magic.

Faith and Hope

Irises are perennial flowers, which means that they die in winter and come back in spring every year. 

Because of this characteristic, irises have become a symbol of unwavering faith and hope during hard or stressful times.


The red iris is a beautiful symbol of passion, love, and bravery. Whereas, red roses only mean flaming love and affection.


Purple irises represent wisdom and experience. 

The color purple is a combination of fiery red and cool, tranquil blue. If like the color, a person can hold a balance of contrasting values within themselves, they can be described as a wise and refined man.


The iris, which is commonly purple, symbolizes members of the nobility like kings, queens, princes, and the like.

In fact, the iris flower symbol is often used on royal robes, crowns, coats of arms, and weapons, and it’s also carved in furniture and woven in tapestries in castles.

The purple iris design exudes an air of class, luxury, and royalty.

How is the iris flower regarded by different cultures?

How is the iris flower regarded by different cultures

The iris flower appears in Egyptian religious imagery and European art.

In Ancient Egypt

The Great Sphinx of Giza in Egypt is a large 66-foot limestone statue of the mythical creature with the head and body of a lion and the wings of a falcon.

It has a stylized iris sculpted on its brows that is said to represent Horus. Horus is the ancient Egyptian deity of the sky and royalty.

In Holland

Great Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh did a painting entitled Irises in 1890. It was a masterpiece with sharp outlines, accurate flower shapes, and a refreshing blue color.

What does the violet flower symbolize?

What does the violet flower symbolize

The violet flower is associated with the Virgin Mary in Christianity. Its drooping and inelaborate form mainly suggest modesty, purity, and simplicity.


Humility is suggested by the violet flower’s bowed head. 

It has simple petals with striking, multiple colors. This can be interpreted as great beauty arising out of humility or kind behavior.


Violets symbolize faith and belief, as they bloom again after withstanding an unbearably cold winter.

In fact, other violet varieties can even continue to bloom throughout the winter season, as opposed to most wild or garden plants.

One can take inspiration from these blooms and have faith as one works continually to overcome a tough time or to reach a specific goal.

How is the violet flower regarded by different cultures?

How is the violet flower regarded by different cultures

The violet flower is a significant symbol in Native American and Christian beliefs.

In America 

A Native American legend of the Haudenosaunee tribe tells of how the violet flower came to be.

The tale starts with a young, powerful chief falling in love with a maiden from a rival tribe. He decided to buy this woman the quills of a wampum bird. 

But since the woman belonged to one of the tribes he declared war on, they couldn’t be together. He was heartbroken and couldn’t fight as well as he used to.

Still, the maiden saw his courage and his love for her and fell in love with him. When the chief’s allies took her captive, she willingly let them take her, knowing he would meet him.

Upon meeting the chief, she plaited her hair around his neck, a gesture symbolizing love and marriage. Their tribes felt betrayed at the sight of their love, so both were executed.

From the spot where they lay, violets sprang forth from the ground.

In Israel

In Israel, violets are symbolic of Mary’s purity and modesty. In Christian lore, purple violets are said to have blossomed when the angel Gabriel told her that she would have Jesus as her baby.

What does the primrose flower symbolize?

What does the primrose flower symbolize

The primrose flower represents youth, first love, luck, and safety. Aside from that, it’s symbolic of women, as its five petals are said to stand for women’s natural life cycle or events.


The primrose’s inviting, bright flowers may remind you of an idyllic time in your childhood or youth.

A person can get energized and de-stressed if they see these pretty flowers in bloom. Planting them in one’s garden will also freshen up one’s house and attract bees and butterflies.


A unique meaning of the primrose flower is safety and protection for a loved one or oneself.

That’s because, in ancient times, primroses were believed to ward off evil spirits and misfortune if hung or displayed inside the house or placed in one’s pocket.

Also, it is said that primrose is one of the favorite flowers of fairies and they will bless someone’s home with this bloom on their doorstep.


Primrose stands for women, motherhood, or femininity. Its petals represent the many stages of a woman’s life from the day she was born to the day she dies.

Other flowers associated with femininity are pink roses and lilies.

How is the primrose flower regarded by different cultures?

How is the primrose flower regarded by different cultures

The primrose flower appears in classic English literature as well as Nordic folklore.

In England

During Medieval Times

In Medieval England, primroses were used as an ingredient for love potions.

In Hamlet

Shakespeare used the primrose flower in many of his plays, including the highly acclaimed Hamlet in which he wrote:

“Do not, as some ungracious pastors do,

Show me the steep and thorny way to heaven,

Whiles, like a puffed and reckless libertine,

Himself the primrose path of dalliance treads,

And recks not his own rede.”

In this Shakespeare excerpt, the primrose path means a life of ease, comfort, and indulgence. On the other hand, dalliance treads mean a state of idleness.

The playwright suggests that the “ungracious pastor” enjoys an easy life without any set goal or aspiration.

In Nordic Countries

In Norse mythology, the primrose is the goddess Freya’s sacred flower. Freya is the goddess of beauty, love, and fertility.

The Nordic folk placed primrose flowers on Freya’s altars during her festivals and rituals to honor her, show their gratitude, or wish for blessings.

What does the iris bloom look like?

What does the iris bloom look like

The iris is one of the most majestic flowers there are. It generally has three naturally drooping petals and three upright sepals right in the middle. 

Sepals are leaf-like parts of the flower covering that protect its petals and reproductive organs as the petals open.

Irises come in a carnival of shades with the most common being purple and blue and the rarer ones being orange, white, pink, yellow, and even black.

What does the violet bloom look like?

What does the violet bloom look like

A one-of-a-kind bloom, violets are somewhat shaped like a butterfly with an extra set of wings on the top, making them very easy to identify from other kinds of flowers.

The blossom consists of two pairs of lateral petals. In total, they have five petals that can have between one and four colors.

The most common are the ones having three shades. Most violets have a base color on their petals and a black center or vein pattern shaped like a flying angel.

What does the primrose bloom look like?

What does the primrose bloom look like

Primrose flowers are vibrant and delicate plants. They feature usually four rounded petals and slim, recurved bracts. Bracts are modified leaves whose axil or top portion bears flowers.

Nicely matching their elegant beauty are the plant’s ovate (shaped like a pointed oval), large, and textured leaves.

One of the earliest flowers that flower in spring, primroses are perfect as garden box, potted, or low-growing plants surrounded by taller, colorful spring varieties.

Plus, primroses come in a full array of exciting shades from virtually white to burgundy.

What are the suitable gifting occasions for irises?

What are the suitable gifting occasions for irises

As irises mean respect, faith, and deep love, you can give them to your spouse or partner on an ordinary day or a special occasion like their birthday or Valentine’s Day.

Irises are actually the official flower for celebrating a 25th wedding anniversary. But, of course, you can give the gorgeous iris to your other half regardless of how long you have been married to each other.

Aside from that, the flower would be an excellent present to a friend or relative whom you’ve depended on for wisdom and counsel and one who stands by your side always.

What are the suitable gifting occasions for violets?

What are the suitable gifting occasions for violets

Religious occasions like baptisms, communions, and weddings are a great opportunity for you to use violets as a cut flower bunch or a table or pew decoration. That’s because the flower stands for purity, innocence, and faith.

If you find someone who’s humble and trustworthy, perhaps an old mentor or sibling, then this serene and impressive flower can make for a fantastic gift as well.

Furthermore, you can get someone a young potted violet so they can grow it in their garden. They can embellish their garden, porch, or deck with the flower’s amazing and lovely tri-colors.

What are the suitable gifting occasions for primroses?

What are the suitable gifting occasions for primroses

Akin to daisies and sunflowers, sunny primroses are always a welcoming sight. If you have a friend or colleague that constantly supports and helps you, you can let them know that you appreciate them by sending them a fresh primrose arrangement.

If you have a loyal woman partner or a supportive mother, this flower will make an ideal gift for them on International Women’s Day (March 8th).

Apart from that, you may want to gift the primrose to someone as a good luck charm if they’re going on a trip or starting a new business. The flower is said to bring good luck and prosperity.

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