A Full Guide to July Birth Flowers & Their Meanings

A Full Guide to July Birth Flowers & Their Meanings

For the month of July, there are two wonderful birth flowers. Find out what these are in this complete flower meaning guide. 

We will also be exploring these flowers’ main uses and perfect gifting occasions!

What are July’s birth flowers?

What are July’s birth flowers

The larkspur and the water lily are the official birth flowers of July. They can mean life, hope, and a new beginning, as they both blossom during the warm days of spring.

Besides life and hope, larkspurs and water lilies symbolize other positive concepts and qualities.

What does the larkspur flower symbolize?

What does the larkspur flower symbolize

Larkspurs or delphiniums symbolize great beauty, dedicated love, and happiness. They also indicate a strong bond with someone, as their flowers grow tightly together on a single stalk.

Blooming during spring and summer, they remind us of fun and light-hearted days bonding with our friends and family.

But larkspurs can also unfavorably represent fickleness.

What do the different colors of larkspur mean?

Larkspurs or delphiniums come in a large assortment of colors. Here are what some of them mean:

  • Blue larkspurs express elegance, grace, and respect.
  • Purple larkspurs mean first love.
  • White larkspurs symbolize joy and contentment.

Blue larkspurs express elegance

Blue larkspurs express elegance

Blue larkspur or delphinium is a common but pretty variety. It suggests the ideas of elegance, respect, and generosity.

Also, the color can calm down stressed and anxious people and make the person think of peace.

Purple larkspurs mean first love

Purple larkspurs mean first love

A variation of blue larkspurs, purple larkspurs are a symbol of first romance. The color purple on this flower represents the excitement and hope one feels after having met the person that likes them.

Pink larkspurs denotes fickleness

Pink larkspurs denotes fickleness

Don’t give pink larkspurs to someone even if the flowers are beautiful. They denote fickleness or fragility. 

Pink larkspurs can stand for a false friendship, a fake attitude, and an unfaithful heart.

Other than that, they can be a sign of conflict with someone like when you’re arguing about an issue or have opposing points of view.

White larkspurs symbolize joy and contentment

White larkspurs symbolize joy and contentment

It’s not hard to be in awe of white larkspurs’ beauty. The beautiful white larkspur can mean bliss and contentment with life.

They are really lovely flowers that can positively direct your thoughts and feelings. These can also nicely show someone how they’ve brought you happiness.

Knowing what larkspurs convey, do you have a person in mind to give them to? Larkspurs can be gifted on certain special occasions or to particular people.

When can I give the larkspur flower as a gift?

When can I give the larkspur flower as a gift

Ideally, larkspurs are given to a spouse or partner on romantic dates, Valentine’s Day, birthdays (as they are one of the July birth flowers), and anniversaries. 

Also, vase-arranged larkspurs can be gifted to a friend or a special relative like a grandmother on any day, ordinary or special. 

They tell a beloved that the giver is happy or lucky to have them. These blooms can surely make their homes brighter and happier with their jolly color!

Can you touch the larkspur flower?

Can you touch the larkspur flower

Given their loveliness, you may be tempted to pick larkspurs with your bare hands. But is it safe to touch larkspurs?

One cannot touch a larkspur flower with bare hands. Direct skin contact with larkspurs can result in irritation.

All kinds of larkspur flowers are toxic and unsafe for humans and pets. Even with protection like gloves, wash your hands thoroughly after handling one. 

All the parts of the larkspur plant, from the roots to the seeds, including new growths are very poisonous.

Humans that have ingested larkspurs, accidentally or intentionally, experienced bloating, lung failure, and even death. Sadly there is no proven treatment for larkspur poisoning yet.

But with enough care, one can still display larkspurs at home. If you want to use them as ornamental flowers, you may be curious how long larkspurs last after being cut.

How long do larkspur flowers last?

How long do larkspur flowers last

On average, cut larkspur flowers last from five to seven days provided you give them the right care. They share more or less the same vase life as most flowers.

Below are some tips you can follow to make them last:

  1. Cut the flower’s bottom stems at a roughly 45° angle and put them in the vase with water as soon as you get home.
  1. Replace the water every two to three days.
  1. Place the plant in the direction of not-too-bright light.
  1. Remove dead leaves in the water.
  1. Feed it with flower food.

Aside from being an ornament, the larkspur is important in different cultures and religions for other reasons.

How do various cultures & faiths regard larkspurs?

How do various cultures & faiths regard larkspurs

Here’s how the larkspur is viewed by different people and cultures:

  • In Ancient Greece, the larkspur is a tribute flower to the hero Ajax the Great.
  • In Christianity, larkspur symbolizes a strong faith.
  • In Victorian England, the larkspur flower means true love and an open heart.

Larkspur is a symbol of the fallen Greek hero Ajax the Great 

The larkspur flower is an important symbol for the Ancient Greeks, and it reminded them of the great warrior Ajax. 

In one famous Greek legend, Ajax and Ulysses were battling over who gets the weapons of the great fallen warrior Achilles. 

But when Achilles’ arms were unanimously awarded to Ulysses by the Greeks, Ajax, in a fit of uncontrollable wrath, killed himself.

And where Ajax committed suicide with his own sword, beautiful larkspurs were said to have bloomed in his honor.

Larkspur is a sign of faith and hope to Christians

Larkspur is a sign of faith and hope to Christians

The larkspur flower holds a special place in the heart of many Christians because of an Easter legend.

It begins with Jesus who has already died on the cross and people carrying him to his tomb. 

At this point, all his disciples were afraid and unsure that he would truly rise from the dead in three days. This was when a faithful bunny came out and assured them otherwise.

The rabbit crawled into Jesus’ rocky tomb and stayed there for three days until Jesus came back to life.

When Jesus was resurrected, he was touched by the bunny’s faith. Jesus gave him a sprig of larkspur with petals that resembled the rabbit.

Because of this, the larkspur has become a wonderful Christian symbol of hope, faith, and fulfilled promises.

Native Americans believed larkspurs fell from the sky

In Native American tradition, it is believed that the larkspur flower comes from the heavens.

In this Native American story, there was a divine being at the beginning of the world who parted the skies so that he could come down. To do so, he made a ladder of spikes through the sky.

But soon the sun heated and dried these spikes, causing them to be blown out across the land. Where these spikes landed on the ground burst forth fabulous bright larkspurs.

Victorians saw larkspurs as a symbol of love

Victorians regarded larkspurs as a symbol of ardent love and an open heart. With its energetic look, it also symbolized happiness, a sweet demeanor, and a desire to have fun and laugh.

In fact, most people consider the meaning of flowers today by their Victorian meanings. It was during the Victorian era when floriography, a language system that imbued certain flowers with particular meanings, was invented.

Fun fact: Victorian people used larkspurs as a protective charm against evil spirits and bad luck.

The larkspur being a protective charm aside, you must also be wondering about the practical uses of the flower.

What are the uses of the larkspur flower?

What are the uses of the larkspur flower

Larkspurs are used in various ways, from making the face less oily to treating asthma and edema. They also serve as a lice repellent.

Larkspurs have medicinal benefits like pain relief

Larkspurs have a bevy of medicinal uses. They can

  • Relieve pain
  • Retain fluids in the body
  • Staunch bleeding
  • Make the skin less greasy
  • Reduce anxiety and stress
  • Boost appetite
  • Treat asthma and edema
  • Help with insomnia

Larkspurs repel lice

The seeds of larkspurs have been used to kill insects and parasites since the First World War. They are effective in eliminating lice and their eggs.

All that’s needed is to apply some seeds to the affected area of the scalp. The pesky insects there will die due to the flower’s toxicity.

What does the water lily flower symbolize?

What does the water lily flower symbolize

The other July birth flower, the water lily, is a pond flower that means spiritual insight and rebirth, fertility, purity, innocence, and wellness.

It is associated with these meanings because the plant grows in murky water and produces ethereal, usually pink or purple flowers on the pond’s surface. 

This stands as a metaphor for enlightenment wherein impure thoughts and actions are rid until one becomes noble, pure, and compassionate.

And that’s also why this flower serves as a crucial symbol in different religions like Buddhism and Hinduism.

How do some cultures & faiths regard water lilies?

How do some cultures & faiths regard water lilies

Below are how water lilies are regarded in some cultures and religions:

  • The water lily is named after the Greek nymphs.
  • In Buddhism, a water lily signifies enlightenment.
  • In Hinduism, a water lily represents death and rebirth.

The water lily is named after the Greek nymphs

The water lily, which is also referred to as Nymphaea, takes its name from the nymphs in Greek myths.

A nymph is a beautiful female spirit that inhabits forests, rivers, waterways, and other places. They can either help or harm the people that pass by.

They can manipulate and shapeshift into the element they control. Nymphs have also crossed paths with many Greek gods and goddesses as well as heroes and heroines.

Water lilies mean enlightenment in Buddhism

Along with the lotus flower, water lilies are a significant symbol of enlightenment or spiritual awareness in Buddhism. 

That is because they tolerate growing underwater in muddy soil before bearing beautiful flowers and leaves on or above the water’s surface.

Thus, the water lily can signify a person’s tenacity to go on amid personal challenges and hardships until one overcomes those and achieve their goals.

Water lilies mean rebirth in Hinduism

In the Hindu religion, the meaning of the water lily is spiritual progress or rebirth. The simple reason is that its bloom closes at night and fully opens the next day, renewed.

Like the flower, a person constantly experiences change, whether it be good or bad. A spiritual person can take each change as a chance to make oneself anew.

However, the water lily isn’t only useful as a cultural or religious symbol. It also makes a lovely gift for particular occasions or for certain people.

When can I give the water lily flower as a gift?

When can I give the water lily flower as a gift

You can give someone water lilies at their wedding or engagement event since they convey purity and innocence.

If you have a friend who is a Hindu or Buddhist, practicing meditation, or working on themselves spiritually, then a water lily bouquet can make for a great thoughtful gift too.

And because the flower is timelessly beautiful and serene, it can stand in for other white flowers perfectly.

You also don’t have to wait for an occasion to give a water lily. It can be given on any day to tell a person you thought of them or miss them.

Besides gifting, water lilies have other practical uses.

What are the uses of the water lily flower?

What are the uses of the water lily flower

Here are the several uses of the water lily flower:

  • Water lily is a great dye for silk and wool fabrics.
  • Water lilies can be eaten raw or cooked so long as it’s been cleaned.
  • The water lily treats burns and boils to cancer.

Water lilies are great silk and wool dyes

According to KoreaScience, water lilies, with their rich set of colors, can be used as a dye for silk and wool clothing. 

Water lily dyes are excellent since they adhere well to fabric, are anti-bacterial, and do not wash out or fade easily compared to those of other plants.

Some water lily parts are edible

Some parts of the water lily are safe to be eaten, including its young leaves, tuber roots, and seeds.

Similar to potatoes, the water lily’s fat tuber roots can be roasted or boiled. It’s delicious as a standalone meal or as a dish ingredient.

Meanwhile, the young leaves must first be washed prior to cooking to get rid of bacteria. It’s great to add them to stews, salads, or soups.

Water lilies have medicinal benefits

Water lily is relied upon to treat a wide range of conditions. Here are just some examples:

  • Burns or boils
  • Diarrhea
  • Throat and mouth diseases
  • Sexual activity issues
  • Cancer

Besides the useful water lily, there are other beautiful flowers known to bloom in July.

What are other popular flowers that bloom in July?

What are other popular flowers that bloom in July

Interested in other July flowers? If you can’t find larkspurs and water lilies, you might want to try getting one of these flowers instead:

  • Iris
  • Orchid
  • Dahlia
  • Gerbera daisy
  • Hydrangea
  1. Iris – The iris is one of the most beautiful flowers out there. With its upright and hanging petals, the iris was used as a French royal symbol called fleur-de-lis. 

Its flower meanings include wisdom, bravery, faith, and hope. The iris is usually given to a person one respects or idolizes.

  1. Orchid – The tropical flower orchid is a classic, with strong stems and vibrant petals. 

The ornamental flower symbolizes elegance, grace, love, thoughtfulness, and even fertility. That makes them a perfect flower to give someone one values and cares for.

  1. Dahlias – Dahlias are one-of-a-kind flowers. They consist of numerous tiny petals and come in pink, peach, yellow, lavender, white, and other shades.

Aside from that, this prized flower conveys beauty, care, fidelity, and dedication. It’s a great gift for showing appreciation or love to a friend, spouse, or parent.

  1. Gerbera Daisies – Popular gerbera daisies can be given on any occasion or event. They have bright ray petals and usually a yellow or black center.

Their general meanings are joy, cheerfulness, and purity. That said, the meaning can differ a bit based on the daisy’s color.

For example, orange gerberas mean friendship, joy, and new beginnings, purple ones mean pride and gentility, and red gerberas mean love and confidence. 

  1. Hydrangeas – A well-known July bloomer, hydrangeas grow ball-shaped ruffly flower clusters. They emit a subtle and sweet aroma.

Their abundance of flowers symbolizes grace, abundance, and beauty. Their light colors also give them the meaning of peace and harmony.

Usually, hydrangea bouquets and arrangements are gifted to close friends and families as a token of thanks and love.

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