A Quick Review of Proflowers Flower Delivery

A Quick Review of Proflowers Flower Delivery

Unsure whether to order fresh flowers for a loved one or friend using ProFlowers? Then, we will help you decide, as we will review the company in this article!

Read on to see our overall opinion and rating of their various service aspects. We will also show you the benefits they give buyers, a few of their flower designs, and more!

What is ProFlowers?

What is ProFlowers

ProFlowers is a large international florist delivering fine and custom flowers, houseplants, and gourmet food and gift baskets to the US, Canada, and worldwide (125+ countries).

It started delivering wonderful birthday flowers to houses, offices, and event venues in 1998.

As more and more people were made happier with their amazing flowers, their business quickly picked up and grew.

Fast forward to today, they have an engaging website, a large catalog, worldwide delivery coverage, and a talented and passionate team that assists buyers for all events and occasions.

What are the benefits of buying from ProFlowers?

What are the benefits of buying from ProFlowers

Here are the benefits of buying from Proflowers:

1) Same-Day Delivery

No matter where you live, you can send flowers through ProFlowers that can be received by your friend or loved one on the same day.

They do this through their trusted network of florists that have the same standards and flower design prowess as them. 

The florist that will be preparing the order is local and usually near the destination address. And so you’ll pay the shipping and flower costs as though you had bought locally.

2) Farm-to-Door Flowers

As you browse their flower choices online, you will find underneath the product picture a label whether they are “farm-to-door” or “florist-to-door.”

Choosing both will get you fresh flowers, but it’s even fresher if you pick farm-to-door flowers, as that means that the flowers ordered will come straight to you or your recipient from their farm.

Another reason you should pick farm-to-door blooms is they’re more affordable than florist-to-door choices, having no transportation expense from farm to store added.

3) Extensive Variety of Gifts

ProFlowers is a one-stop shop wherein most gifts you want are available, from flowers to baked goods and gift baskets.

Thanks to this, you don’t have to buy separate flowers or gifts from other flower or gift stores. Shopping with them can therefore save you a lot of time and money.

4) Fresh Flower Guarantee

Also, people love shopping here because they get a fresh flower guarantee. It’s like getting your flowers covered by insurance.

So if, for example, the arranged flowers are made with sub-par quality or are damaged in transit, they will be improved or changed for you at zero cost.

To be specific, they give customers a seven-day flower guarantee and a 14-day lush plant guarantee, beating their competitors with this promise.

5) Sustainable Practice

This is one of the biggest advantages of choosing ProFlowers. In a nutshell, they practice sustainability for the good of the planet.

And it isn’t just a sales pitch from ProFlowers. Here is how they are making the conscious choice to switch to green practices:

  • They partner only with flower growers certified by the Rainforest Alliance, ensuring ethical and safe working conditions and best ecosystem practices all the time.
  • They get their boxes from the Packaging Corporation of America, which aims to constantly recycle waste items, conserve energy use, and manage forest tree sourcing.
  • And they’ve replaced Styrofoam packaging with recyclable cardboard for shipping vases to different countries.

By the way, the flower or food packing box they ship has a recyclable outer cover, a compostable flower sleeve, and a biodegradable food packet!

6) Discounts

At the time of writing, there is a discount ad that comes up when you log on to the website. It says you can get 15% off from buying anything online after you sign up for their newsletter.

Even though it requires something of the visitor, you can get a handy discount from them afterward.

In addition, by becoming a ProPerks member, you can earn points for every purchase you make at this store. And if you refer a friend and they buy flowers when your birthday comes around, you get points for those as well.

But to really get exclusive deals that are even better than the aforementioned—such as free delivery and double reward points on every purchase, among others—you’d have to sign up for the ProPerks Icon membership costing $39.99.

If you aren’t a regular customer, then we don’t advise getting the ProPerks Icon, but if you buy at this store often, it can be a good bargain, as you may get a return out of it over time.

What are the disadvantages of buying from ProFlowers?

This time, let’s take a look at the disadvantages of buying flowers from this company:

1) No Special Flower Customization

We noticed that the florist doesn’t customize the flower order based on the client’s special request. They only follow the arrangement pictured on the site as well as give certain options for bouquet size and the kind of vase desired.

While they let the buyer add a different gift to their cart, it’s a bit more of a hassle to do compared to other leading small and local florists giving excellent add-on options at checkout.

In fact, some even take phone orders in which the staff will exactly make the flowers as specified by the buyer, resulting in a purely personalized floral bouquet or ensemble.

2) Inconsistent Customer Service

Although, in general, most buyers have had a great experience with ProFlowers’ customer service, it came up short for a fair percentage of everyone who bought from them, as can be observed on the Consumer Affairs review website.

Some customers were misinformed about the receiving date or time. For others, the flowers came later than expected, which was disappointing, especially when they were for an event like a funeral.

3) No ProPerks Membership T & Cs

Since the terms and conditions of the two ProPerks memberships (ProPerks and ProPerks Icon) aren’t stated, customers can misinterpret them.

There’s a case of one customer who thought that all flower delivery fees would be waived for his every order, as he had been a ProPerks Icon member.

But he was surprised to find out that only regular items online qualify for free standard delivery. However, he chose a product that had been discounted so he couldn’t take advantage of the waived delivery fee.

We would appreciate them better if Proflowers displays their membership information and rules on their website. People would then better understand whether signing up as a ProPerks or ProPerks Icon member is worth their money.

4) High Express Delivery Price

Besides these, ProFlowers also charges high express shipping fees (from $7.99) plus care and handling fees (from $16). They can be sneaky and surprisingly add a lot to your total bill.

In total, you can expect to at least pay an additional $24 for the flower price. That’s a lot of money that can even be greater than the flower or gift price alone!

And to make matters worse, calculating the final price with these variables can also be confusing for buyers.

As such, they can be caught off guard when they see the total price upon checkout. It would be a waste of time and effort if they decide not to order after going through the slew of choices.

What are some of the bestselling flowers online?

Below, we will show you a few of the top-selling flowers offered by ProFlowers online:

1) Clear Skies Bouquet

Clear Skies Bouquet

This elegant bunch is brimming with hope and happiness. It features beautiful sky-blue hydrangeas and belladonna delphinium as well as cream-peach roses.

It’s stylishly and creatively arranged, making it a potential statement piece for a house, event table, or wedding venue. It can make for a fantastic gift for your friends and family too!

2) Bibbity Boppity Pumpkin

Bibbity Boppity Pumpkin

Ready to celebrate Halloween? Then this wonderful combination of flowers on a unique ceramic pumpkin vase can bring in the spirit of the spooky season.

Two large lovely sunflowers peek out of the pumpkin around contrasting roses, carnations, and alstroemerias.

3) Red Rose Bouquet

Red Rose Bouquet

If you want to remind someone you love them no matter what, you can never go wrong with the classic Red Rose Bouquet.

The total number of roses in this simple arrangement is 24. Now 24 roses traditionally mean telling someone I am yours or “I am completely devoted to you.”

This bouquet comes complete with floral food and care instructions. It will be packed and shipped nicely in a gift box.

4) Birthday Brights Bouquet

Birthday Brights Bouquet

With the Birthday Brights Bouquet, you can fill your friend’s birthday with glee and celebration.

This colorful mixed arrangement is composed of carnations, roses, and gerberas. It’s also presented in a nice square box with a “Happy Birthday” print in the middle and a pink bow.

If cared for rightly, the flowers can last for several days or more. So it can brighten the celebrant’s house for days to come!

5) Spellbound Bouquet

Spellbound Bouquet

If you’re looking for an elegant bunch of flowers, then the Spellbound Bouquet may be for you.

It’s a mesmerizing gift of purple calla lilies, fuchsia scabiosas, and green foliage. It’s a good gift to proclaim your love and admiration for someone.

Unique purple flowers like this one can also add a classy and wonderful appeal to your home interior or office cubicle. Plus, in our opinion, not many florists can pull this one off.

What is it like to buy from ProFlowers?

What is it like to buy from ProFlowers

I have ordered online twice before from Proflowers as well as my friends whom I talked to for the purpose of writing this review. 

Everything on the ProFlowers website is relevant, clean, and organized. Their flower photos are also great and original. 

For me, ordering on the web was as easy as ABC.

Furthermore, the rates were fair and reasonable for the flower design and size that I got. In fact, they gave a lot of discounts and sales to give me my money’s worth.

My only complaint is that the delivery rates can easily raise the final price, especially if you have chosen expedited shipping methods—the ones that allow the flowers to arrive a lot faster or earlier.

Anyway, my friends also praised their service and flowers and gifts. But one of them encountered ordering glitches, though the team was quick to act and resolve the situation for him.

Also, they told me that some of the flowers don’t come with a flower food and care label. Since not many are knowledgeable about handling flowers, this could have been a big help in extending the flower’s life.

All in all, it was a good experience for me, and I enjoyed the timely delivery, green packing, and breathtaking, fresh, and fragrant flowers.

Grading ProFlowers Various Service Aspects

Here are my grades for the various service aspects of Proflowers:

  1. Flower Quality (4.5/5 stars) – The flowers delivered were very close and loyal to the picture on the web. They were fresh, creative, and pretty, and I was happy to have bought them for myself and for someone I care about.
  1. Variety (5/5 stars) – There’s an excellent variety of flowers you can pick from online. They’re even organized into different proper categories, so finding what you want here is super easy.
  1. Ordering Process (4/5 stars) – Except for the fact that one of my friends came across a glitch while ordering, ordering here is usually easy and hassle-free.
  1. Price (3/5 stars) – Relative to other florists or gift shops, prices for their flowers and gifts are competitive and fair, ranging from $30 to $135, including sale items.

As many customers can attest, they give great value for money here, so you know that everything you have spent is worth it.

But be aware that opting for a faster delivery method can make the final price higher. Most of them cost upwards of $7.99.

And don’t forget to add the service charge and handling fee. The former may cost any price from $12.99 to $29.99, and the latter costs $2.99. As you can imagine, the final price can turn out higher than expected.

  1. Packing (5/5 stars) – The packaging condition had been good throughout before and after it was shipped for me and my buddies. On top of that, it was very environment-friendly, which is always a great thing. 
  1. Delivery Speed (3.5/5 stars) – The flowers arrived to me and my recipient quickly and as expected on the same day. 

However, other clients, unfortunately, did not receive their orders at the time expected. Tracking their flowers had been difficult for some as well due to the partner florist being based in a different location.

Also, some of them had important events and the flowers arriving on time mattered to them so much, but they ended up very disappointed.

  1. Customer Treatment (4.5/5 stars) – For me and my friends, the staff here was kind, respectful, and considerate, and they were prompt to resolve any issue that came up.
  1. Discounts (5/5 stars) – There are an awful lot of discounts here including newsletter discounts, reward points, seasonal sales, and free delivery (if you are a ProPerks Icon member). So we gave the florist a high score in this area.

Overall score of Proflowers: 4.31/5 stars

FAQS about ProFlowers Flower Delivery

  1. Where is ProFlowers based and who owns it?

The headquarters of ProFlowers florist is located in San Diego, California. It was founded by Jared Polis back in 1998.

  1. What is the lifespan of ProFlowers’ flowers?

Flower bouquets and ensembles sold by ProFlowers have a lifespan of at least a week. Other flower varieties can even last as long as three to four weeks!

It’s this long due to the care and flower food provided by the staff before they are purchased. But the after-purchase care by the recipient also matters.

Backing up their claim, they offer a seven-day flower freshness guarantee. Make sure you get it so that when something unplanned happens to your flowers, they’ll be sorted out quickly.

  1. What’s the difference between ProFlowers and FTD?

ProFlowers is actually a fully owned subsidiary of the Florists’ Transworld Delivery (FTD). In other words, they’re part of the same group or business.

Although their nature of business is essentially the same, they differ in their aim and target market.

For instance, ProFlowers’ slogan is “the fun side of flowers,” which means that they aim to put together a custom flower or gift good for everyone to enjoy.

Whereas, FTD, according to FTD VP of Sales Zac Powell, aims to “give a gift with meaning” by providing a more premium experience with their flowers and gift baskets.

  1. When did FTD acquire ProFlowers?

It was in 2014 when FTD acquired ProFlowers and their sister gifting companies for $430 million. 

Before that time, they were competitors with different product lines and marketing. Their rivalry even escalated into a back-and-forth court battle that was settled a year later.

  1. Does ProFlowers assist clients round the clock?

Yes, indeed. ProFlowers has a dedicated 24-hour customer service team that is available by phone, email, or live chat.

So if a question pops up in your mind when you’re browsing the site, feel free to message them at [email protected] or call them at 1-800-580-2913.

A CS representative should take the call promptly and assist you with your flower or gifting needs.

  1. How much does flower delivery cost with ProFlowers?

Here is a table indicating all the delivery rates for flowers. Note that these are only estimates and may vary from the actual ones:

Standard delivery$7.99 - $39.99
Same-day deliveryAdditional $4.99 - $9.99
Monday deliveryAdditional $4.99 - $9.99
Saturday deliveryAdditional $4.99 - $19.99
Morning delivery (before noon)Additional $14.99

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