Jannie Davidson

Jannie Davidson is a daughter of Glasgow, Scotland, and a lover of culture. She’s a frequent visitor to art galleries and museums. Also, she’s a massive fan of the Celtic Football Club. Jannie first acquired a degree in photography at the City of Glasgow College in 2014. During her photography career, she took interest in gardening and made it her hobby when she was not booked for a shoot. But being the nerd that she is and unsatisfied with calling it a hobby, Jannie eventually enrolled in a second course in horticulture and landscaping at Scotland’s Rural College and hasn’t looked back since then. Today, she runs her own commercial garden while imparting her knowledge through writing. When she has plenty of free time, Jannie will book trips outside her country and explore foreign lands and cultures. Asia is her favorite region, and her most loved cities include Osaka in Japan, Chiang Mai in Thailand, and Hoi An in Vietnam.