A Quick Guide to Bleeding Heart Flower Meaning

A Quick Guide to Bleeding Heart Flower Meaning

A bleeding heart can represent romance, dedicated love, and compassion. These traits are perfectly signified by the plant’s unique, heart-shaped blossoms.

However, its meaning can vary depending on the flower’s color. White bleeding hearts mean faithfulness and innocence, and pink bleeding hearts are a symbol of kindness, affection, and subtle love.

So, let’s now delve deeper into the meaning and symbolism of the bleeding heart flower. We’ll look at their meanings across different cultures and periods in history.

Bleeding Heart Word Meaning

An older Greek name for the bleeding heart is Dicentra spectabilis, which translates to “spectacular double spurs.”

Its newer scientific name, though, is Lamprocapnos spectabilis or “spectacular shining smoke” since the vibrant flowers grow horizontally dangling from the branch.

The Meaning of Bleeding Heart

The Meaning of Bleeding Heart

The meaning of the graceful bleeding heart differs from one culture to another.

During the Victorian Era, spanning from 1837 to 1901, under the strict rule of Queen Victoria in England, bleeding heart meant one thing: romantic and strong love.

At that time, it was given as a token of love for someone. If a lover’s heart was broken, it was also given to them to mend their broken heart.

However, in China, where bleeding hearts first sprouted, the flower carries a negative meaning of unrequited or broken love.

In most cultures, though, red and pink bleeding hearts symbolize compassion, understanding, and respect for nature. Whereas white bleeding hearts give comfort to the bereaved or are used in weddings, as it means steadfastness, purity, and starting a new life.

What does the bleeding heart tattoo mean?

Some people want or have already gotten a bleeding heart tattoo. 

One can do this in order to remember someone dear or special to them or remind themselves to be more gentle and compassionate toward another person.

Of course, you’re free to get a bleeding heart tattoo just because you love the look of the beautiful heart-shaped flower on your skin.

What is the cultural significance of the bleeding heart?

What is the cultural significance of the bleeding heart

Prior to the 19th century, the bleeding heart had widely been cultivated and used as a fabulous ornamental plant in China, Korea, Japan, and Siberia.

One Japanese folktale shares the story of a wealthy prince who fell in love with a beautiful maiden. He came to see her many times and gave twenty gifts in all. One of which contains a blossom of a bleeding heart, but, alas, he was still rejected.

That’s why in Japan, bleeding heart flowers can represent a broken heart because, in this tale, the woman the prince dreamed of marrying didn’t return his love as he wanted.

But the bleeding heart isn’t only limited to Asia. It spread to Western countries in the 1800s, as we’ve discussed in an earlier section. There, the flower may also symbolize rising above suffering, compassion, and unconditional love.

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