The Meaning and Uses of the Purple Lotus Flower

The Meaning and Uses of the Purple Lotus Flower

Indeed, the purple lotus flower is a rare and beautiful thing with its graceful form. As with other hues of lotus, it carries a sacred and deep meaning for Buddhists.

Though the purple flower lotus is hard to find among florists, a lot of merchants sell it online as seeds and cut flowers.

Before purchasing one, you might want to know the meaning and uses of the purple lotus flower in this guide.

What does the purple lotus flower symbolize?

What does the purple lotus flower symbolize

The purple lotus flower symbolizes spiritual enlightenment as well as faithfulness and innocence. The Buddha is often depicted sitting serenely on a pink or purple lotus flower.

This delicate flower is a good representation of enlightenment because it grows from still and murky waters and later floats peacefully on them.

If this metaphor is used in one’s life, it serves to mean overcoming hard temptations and everyday challenges through internal calm and stillness. This then leads the person to a place of wisdom and knowledge. The last two are also associated with the purple flower.

What’s the meaning of the flower’s golden center?

What’s the meaning of the flower’s golden center

The purple lotus flower’s golden center can mean transcendence and harmony. Let’s get into one Buddist practice to find out how the flower part has come to represent this.

Monks and practitioners of Buddhism chant, “om mani padme hum.” It’s a beautiful Sanskrit mantra composed of six syllables representing the transcendence of the impure body to pure spirit.

Here’s a rough translation of the mantra: the jewel in the heart of the lotus. Individually, the words that make up the phrase mean the following: om is journey, mani is jewel, padme is lotus, and hum is unity.

The literal jewel in the heart of the purple lotus flower is its extraordinary gold center. This in contrast with the deep purple of the petals symbolizes unity or harmony of the mind and heart or reason and emotions.

Besides that, these contrasting hues can also be taken to mean an agreement between two opposing parties, and therefore, the purple lotus flower represents peace too.

What uses does the purple lotus flower have?

Beyond its symbolic meaning, the sacred lotus flower can be cooked and eaten as well. All of its parts are actually edible. These include the stem, flower, leaves, and even seeds, which are great for salads or stir-fry recipes.

Furthermore, the purple lotus flower has several medicinal uses. Its eight petals can be used to treat different ailments, such as fever, bleeding, stomachaches, liver issues, anxiety, and depression.

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