What do baby’s breath flowers symbolize

What do baby’s breath flowers symbolize?

Baby’s breath or gypsophila has several wonderful meanings. But, mostly, baby’s breath flowers stand for unending love, which is the reason they’re used a lot in wedding bouquets, and also, innocence because of their tiny, delicate blooms.

One of the loveliest flowers in the world, the flower has more in store for those who want to know more about it. As such, we present to you our basic guide to the meaning of the baby’s breath flower.

Gypsophila Word Meaning

The full scientific name of the baby’s breath flower is Gypsophila paniculata. It’s a name that describes the flower with pinpoint accuracy.

The first word, gypsophila, refers to the natural habitat where the flower grows, and that’s chalky or gypsum-rich soil.

And the second one, paniculata, is derived from the Latin word panicula. This describes the plant’s famous loose cluster formation.

Baby’s Breath Meaning and Color

Baby’s Breath Meaning and Color

Not all baby’s breath flowers hold the same meaning. Their meanings differ depending on their colors.

For instance, white baby’s breath flowers, which are so dignified and delicate, mean young love, purity, and innocence.

The lovely and vivifying pink expresses adoration, femininity, and grace. You might also find gentle deep blue baby’s breath flowers, and they mean trust, wisdom, stability, faith, and loyalty.

The Cultural Significance of Gypsophila

Gypsophila is one of the all-time most-used, favorite flowers of people around the world. It’s often seen during Valentine’s and in wedding bouquets as accent flowers for romantic roses.

In Singapore, people mostly get the Million Stars, Mirabella, and Xlence baby’s breath flowers. Xlence has bigger blossoms the size of a coffee bean, Mirabella has pure white flowers and strong stems, and Million Stars is known for its gentler scent compared to the two mentioned.

Apart from their beauty and fragrance, baby’s breath was used for particular purposes. In Iran, people used it as an ingredient to wash their hair and clothes, whereas, in China, it was used to treat various illnesses such as fever, jaundice, typhoid, and lung disease.

Baby’s Breath Spiritual Meaning

Baby’s Breath Spiritual Meaning

Unlike other flowers, like lotuses, baby’s breath flowers don’t symbolize anything religious. That said, it’s been used a lot in wedding ceremonies and funeral events for all religions as standalone or complementary blooms.

Baby’s Breath in Art and Literature

One of the most notable paintings of French painter Claude Monet is Flowers in a Pot or Roses and Baby’s Breath, which features several potted pink flowers wondrously surrounded by baby’s breath flowers.

Also, there’s a fascinating novel by Anna Tuttle Villegas entitled Baby’s Breath in 2000. The story is about a mother and daughter’s relationship that’s put to the difficult test by a criminal act.

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