4 Most Popular Purple Flowers

4 Most Popular Purple Flowers

Purple is midway between red and blue so it can be said that it’s a well-balanced color. It also rightly represents royalty, valor, and wisdom—many beautiful types of flowers come in this hue.

Are you ready to see the most popular purple flowers? If so, scroll down to start!

1) Purple Bellflower

Purple Bellflower

Purple bellflowers (Campanula) are these small and lovely bell-shaped flowers. Compared to other flowers, they are charming and unique in that they blossom lightly and toward the side.

Their deep purple color symbolizes royalty, tradition, grace, wealth, and success. So, indeed, it’s very lucky for a friend or colleague to receive these flowers.

Also, they are excellent flowers to plant in your front garden and put on your windowsill. They thrive in full or indirect sun and well-drained soil.

2) Purple Anemone

Purple Anemone

An anemone (Anemonoides blanda) is a vibrant flower that grows throughout the year except during winter. There are 120 species of anemones all in all and come from North America, Europe, and Japan.

It is a versatile flower and can be planted high or low in rock gardens, woodlands, or in your backyard. You may notice that these plants grow slowly, but soon they will spread easily.

As for its meaning, an anemone has both positive and negative connotations. The good is that it has been believed to bring good luck and protection from evil. 

Whereas the bad one is it symbolizes death or forsaken love. It got this meaning from the Greek myth in which an anemone sprouted on the spot where Aphrodite’s tears fell as she mourned her lover Adonis’ death.

3) Purple Hyacinths

Purple Hyacinths

Purple hyacinths (Hyacinthus orientalis) are colorful wildflowers that grow abundantly in meadows. Home to California, each one is a roundish cluster that has up to twenty starfish-like blossoms.

It’s one of the most popular purple flowers. Mainly, it helps you say ‘I’m sorry’ or ‘Please forgive me’, and with its stunning beauty, you could have higher chances of getting a ‘yes’. 

Also, they are exciting and magical to give, especially when paired with other hyacinth colors. And they can be a great surprise if you’re courting someone or missing them after quite a while.

4) Purple Carnations

Purple Carnations

Carnations (Dianthus caryophyllus) have diverse species including those with serrated petals or crumbly ones like those in the above picture.

One of their most fascinating colors is purple. Purple carnations have a unique meaning compared to other bright carnation colors, which is capriciousness.

Thus, if you have a friend or relative who is impulsive or unpredictable, you might want to give them purple carnations on their special day or the holidays.

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