When we think of cake what we visualize is a festive and joyful event. Colourful background, people smiling, and of course a tasteful dessert. What more if we actually take a spoonful of it? Bet it is more fun that way. Ordering cakes should not be a hassle especially because there are shops in Singapore that are willing to delivery these delicious treats to you. Below is a list of some of them.

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1. Oscar Cakes

oscar's cakes homepage
BEST FORGourmet cakes
PRICE RANGEStarts from $58
DELIVERY FEEFree (same-day delivery)
PAYMENTMultiple options

Oscar’s Cakes offers rich, indulgent cakes that can be delivered for free on the same day that you place your order. You can try such sumptuous selections as Devil’s Chocolate Cake, an espresso-spiked and bracing Tiramisu, Salted Caramel Cake, and more. Take note that the prices on their website already include GST, so you shouldn’t be shocked by any added charges while paying for your order.


  • FREE SAME-DAY DELIVERY. The free same-day delivery island-wide is actually a big part of what makes Oscar’s Cakes a go-to shop for cakes in the country. No more waiting just to indulge your sweet tooth!
  • LARGE SELECTION. The large selection of sweet, mouth-watering desserts is what keeps a lot of people coming back to the store. 


  • Devil’s Chocolate Cake – $63
  • Tiramisu – $58
  • Salted Caramel – $68


Multiple payment options accepted.


The Cake Shop was founded by truly passionate and creative bakers that aim to let the whole country of Singapore taste the best and most delicate cakes in town. From being a premium distributor of cakes and pastries to creating their own bakeshop with a maintained online shop, the team really has come a long way in the industry. If you need a bake shop that can delivery to you every single day, The Cake Shop is your perfect match.

Note: Like virtually all the other shops on the list, still delivering throughout Circuit Breaker. Just call them, send them a WhatsApp message, or visit their site and use the online form.

SPECIALTYDurian Pastry
STARTING PRICEStarts at $36.90
DELIVERY FEECalculated at checkout
CONTACT DETAILS+65 3157 0303


  • TASTY PASTRIES. One cannot deny that The Cake Shop creates one of the most delicious pastries in the whole country of Singapore. Their cakes are just truly flavourful and delicate that you cannot get enough of them. Their cakes are originally made by their finest bakers and they can assure you that their products are always fresh from the oven.
  • LARGE SELECTION. Whatever kind of cake you may need for different occasions, they are certain that they can provide you with that. Starting from simple sponge cakes to enormous, most detailed one, they have every option that they can offer.
  • UNIQUE DESIGNS. Not only their cakes taste like heaven, they also look like an angel designed them because of their close to perfection designs. Aside from their creative icing arts and colourful fondants, they can also create 3D cakes and photo frames that will add a little extra surprise for whoever receives it.


  • Money Pull-Cake – $32 to $36
  • Mother’s Day – $40 to $80
  • Durian Pastry – $15 to $100
  • Eggless Cakes – $32 to $38


PayPal, Visa, NETS, Mastercard, and American Express are the accepted payment methods of the shop.

3. FNP

Gift giving is one of the five love languages that we have, which differs from one person to another.

With FNP, you will be able to make your loved one feel your love even if you are miles apart.

Nothing is impossible with them due to the innovation of the online world. FNP was able to pioneer their one-stop shop of gifting online and can now reach people all over  the globe. 

It all started in a single store in Delhi. Now with over 300+ outlets in 93 cities in India that delivers across 70+ countries worldwide including Singapore.

FNP have been part of celebrating every occasion with perfection since 1994. Delivering all our gifting needs be flowers, cakes, plants, personalized gifts and more with the premium and best quality there is. 

Their cakes are to die for! They offer a wide delectable range of chocolate truffle cake, caramel cake, honey cake, and red velvet cake to send your dear ones in Singapore on special occasions.

SPECIALTY Chocolate, butterscotch and red velvet flavored cake
SELECTION SIZE Cupcakes, tarts, one layer to multi-layer
DELIVERY FEECalculated at checkout
IG: fnp_singapore
[email protected]


  • CAKES FOR ALL OCCASIONS They have cakes for all of your milestones in life – from baby shower to weddings and anniversaries, you name it!
  • DIFFERENT VARIETIES There’s a lot of varieties to choose from. You can shop by flavor (chocolate truffle, fresh fruit, red velvet etc), by types (same day cakes, vegan cakes, cupcakes, designer cakes, tarts etc), by occasion(from baby shower to weddings and anniversaries), by themes (unicorn theme, Minecraft theme, Harry Potter theme etc) or even by recipient (for him, for her, for kids etc).


  • Cake Delivery Singapore Same Day – $49 to $250
  • Tiered Cakes –  $319 to $619
  • Cupcakes –  $84 to $119
  • Vegan Cakes –  $79 to $109
  • Fresh Fruit Cakes – $75 to $149
  • Designer Cakes – $86 to $719
  • Tarts – $49 to $129
  • Flowers and Cake Delivery –  59$ to $229
  • Cakes with Plants – $89 to $169
  • Cartoon Cake –  $239 to $569


FNP deliver all through out Singapore from 9 AM –  9PM via hand delivery or Courier.


If you are craving for the creamiest and lightest cheesecake ever you should definitely try the ones made by Cat & the Fiddle. They have about 20 varieties of cheesecakes all made by their wonderful pastry chefs that will totally make you forget your name because of how incredibly tasty they are. They also have ‘Make your own Fickle‘ series whereby cakes are customisable by the slice to3 have different flavours.

Note: Open and delivering. Their retail stores are open from 12pm to 8pm during Circuit Breaker for walk-in purchases.

SPECIALTYDelicious Cheesecakes
STARTING PRICEStarts at $42.90
DELIVERY FEECalculated at checkout
CONTACT DETAILS+65 6287 0077


  • EXTENSIVE FLAVOR SELECTION. Their cheesecakes are just heaven-sent because of how creamy and light they are. Not to mention that they are offered in different flavours that are all equally great. Some of the most popular flavours would be Classic New York Cheesecake and Oreo Cookies & Cream Cheesecake.
  • ALLOW PERSONALIZED ORDERS. Should you wish to have your orders custom-made?  Cat & the Fiddle totally allows that. As a matter of fact, they even allow you to choose your own flavours and designs even before you place your orders. You just simply need to go to their website and click on Make Your Own Fickle, and choices will be laid in front of you. All you have to do now is select your preferences and your order will be on its way.
  • SAME DAY DELIVERY. People just can’t get enough of the cheesecakes because of how flavourful they truly are so there are times that they just want to order one and savour them right away. Good thing Cat & the Fiddle offers same day delivery, so you won’t have to wait for the next day to be able to satisfy your cravings.


  • Cheesecakes – $31 to $70


Delivery is totally free for as long as you order for a price of $90 and above. Meanwhile, the accepted payment methods are PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, NETS, and bank transfers.


Temptations, as their name suggest, will truly make you feel tempted to order more cakes from them once you get to taste their flavourful cakes, particularly their very own chocolate and durian cakes. Their Durian cake was in fact voted as one of the 10 best Durian cakes in Singapore.

However, for those who are not fond of unique flavours, you may still get to taste their best cakes which can be delivered directly to your homes. They also accept orders of customized cakes to achieve the exact same cake design that you desire.

NoteThey only accept orders for standard and customised cakes from 12 May onwards due to the government’s tightened measures against COVID-19. This applies to both delivery and takeaways for walk-in customers.

SPECIALTYChocolate and Durian Cakes
DELIVERY FEECalculated at checkout
CONTACT DETAILS+65 6440 9200 / +65 9067 1322


  • VARIETY OF OPTIONS. Do you need quite a handful of cakes for different events happening this week? Are they of different themes and set up? No worries, Temptations can serve you with all kinds of cake for whatever occasion. Just browse through their website or pay a personal visit at their shop to see for yourself what products that can provide you with.
  • CUSTOM-MADE CAKES. Should you want to order a cake and send it as a gift to your friends or family members? Maybe you want to personalize your order for the recipient to know how much you mean to them. Temptations can definitely help you with that. Just provide with them the detailed instruction and they will make sure that you will love the outcome of the artwork.


  • Chocolate Cakes – $34 to $60
  • Durian Cakes – $48 to $108
  • Birthday & Customized Cakes
  • Wedding Cakes


For inquiries regarding delivery and payment, you can send them an email at [email protected].


If you are looking for a cake shop that can offer you tons of cakes in different flavour, colour, design, and sizes, you should definitely check the collection of Oscar’s cakes. The have almost all kinds of cake every customer might need. They have cakes that will be perfect for birthdays, as well as weddings, and even for a just an ordinary day.

SPECIALTYAll kinds of cakes
DELIVERY FEECalculated at checkout


  • FREE DELIVERY. One of the best perks one shop can offer is their free of charge delivery services. Oscar’s cakes wants all people in Singapore to taste their delicious creations that is why they really make an effort to send their products to their customers without them having to worry about extra charges.
  • NEXT DAY DELIVERY. Are you having an impromptu party and do not have the time to place your order for cake ahead of time? Worry not because Oscar’s Cakes offer next day delivery. Even if you are planning on last minute, the shop got your back and they promise to deliver your order in best condition and with no delay.


  • Cheesecakes – $43 to $58


The shop delivers to all locations except Jurong Island, restricted airlines and cargo areas (such as airport cargo complexes, and airline roads) and other locations that are not on mainland Singapore


The team of Susucre combines art and their passion for baking which results to their wonderful cake products. They are best known for their customized cakes which are perfect for children’s parties, bachelor and bachelorette events, and other themed occasions. The shop always makes sure to provide their best quality of products and services to ensure constant customer satisfaction.

SPECIALTYPersonalized cakes
STARTING PRICEStarts at $160
DELIVERY FEECalculated at checkout
CONTACT DETAILS+65 9867 2176


  • UNIQUE DESIGNS. Susucre aims to touch the hearts of their customers by making personalized cakes that will serve as proof that they give full and special attention to each and every order that they receive. They want their beloved customers to know that they are always willing to go beyond extra miles when it comes to providing high quality of service.
  • AFFORDABLE PRICES. Who would have thought that with such great selection, Susucre still has a heart to offer their cake products at very affordable prices? So, if you are craving for something sweet and flavourful but does not want to spend too much money, try the cakes made by Susucre.
  • RELIABLE SHOP- Over the years, Susucre has earned the trust of many and managed to build their reputation as one of the best, most reliable cake shop in Singapore. As a matter of fact, they earned multiple awards of multiple best qualities.


  • Wedding Cakes
  • Fondants Cakes – $160 to $175
  • All Natural-Series Cakes – $150 to $160
  • Cupcakes – $5 to $9.50


Information on delivery and payment may be discussed further with their staff through phone or the email.

8. Fieldnotes

Fieldnotes is a store made of love and passion for sharing delicious cakes and pastries in Singapore. It is owned by a couple who has been interested in the art of baking. Each cake in the shop is baked to perfection and designed strategically by the owners. Their creations are inspired by lush botanicals and unusual colors.  

SpecialtyHoney Yuzu and Guava Lychee Cream cakes
Selection SizeLarge
Starting PriceCream cakes price range from $52
Delivery FeeCalculated at checkout
Social MediaInstagram: @fieldnotessg
Facebook: Fieldnotes Cake Boutique
Contact Details[email protected]


  • CUSTOMIZED CAKE In case you can’t find anything from their collection, you can ask the shop for to customize something for you. You can visit their website for the complete instruction on how to ask for a customized cake.
  • DELICIOUS CAKES AND PASTRY. Customers praised the shop for its delicious and tasty cakes and desserts. Aside from its wide selection of cakes, you can buy other sweets from them. 


  • DAPPER SERIES: $85 – $240
  • FLORAL RUSTIC: $60 – $230
  • FRUITS SERIES: $85 – $165
  • KIDS SERIES: $75 – $260
  • TREE TRUNK WOOD SERIES: $125 – $250
  • TROPICAL CAKES: $85 – $175
  • LONGEVITY: $115 – $230


Accepted payment: American Express, Google Pay, Apple Pay, MasterCard, Shopify pay, and VISA

9. Happy Oven

SPECIALTYTraditional bakes with a modern twist
DELIVERY FEEFree Delivery Options Available
SOCIAL MEDIAFacebook: @happyovensingapore
Instagram: @happyovensingapore
CONTACT DETAILS[email protected]+65 6270 7411

One of Happy Oven’s visions is to modernize tradition. Instead of using pre-mixes and and cake mixes pumped full of artificial flavouring, they’re intent to using natural ingredients like flour, sugar, eggs and butter in their baking – resulting in fresher, yummier and healthier cakes.

NoteThey’ve been accepting pre-orders for cake collection and delivery since 12 May, but note that sales of bread will only be for walk-in customers. They also note that until advised otherwise by Singapore authorities, their operating hours will be 5am to 6pm for now.


  • HEALTHIER CAKES. Making cakes from scratch and using natural ingredients instead of cake mixes pushes the team in sourcing out higher-quality produce and ingredients for their pastries and cakes. They also make it a point to create treats that are less sweet and more balanced.
  • TRADITIONAL BAKERY As one of the last traditional bakeries in Singapore, Happy Oven holds on to their famous cakes that made them who they are today as well as keep their traditions and practices in making their cakes.
  • BIRTHDAY PACKAGE. There are a number of available packages from Happy Oven but the Birthday Package is just perfect. This exclusive gourmet birthday cakes package includes a unique birthday cake from their selections and artisan tarts and pastries to pair it with. 


  • BIRTHDAY CAKES: From $20
  • PACKAGES: $40


Click here for more info on delivery options. Payment options include VISA and MasterCard through PayPal .

10. FLOR Patisserie

SPECIALTYJapanese-inspired French Pastries
SOCIAL MEDIAFacebook: @florpatisserie | Instagram: flor_patisserie
CONTACT DETAILSDuxton: +65 6223 8628
Siglap: +65 6243 0813
Capitol: +65 6977 7202

FLOR Patisserie is a Singapore based patisserie you should check out. Their Japanese inspired French pastries are so visually appealing you’d be afraid of messing it up by eating it. From classic cream cakes to colorful celebration cakes, each product belongs to a Wes Anderson film. 

Note: They were closed temporarily for Circuit Breaker but reopened on 12 May.


  • HIGH-END DELECTABLES. Never using artificial stabilizers and only sticking to natural ingredients. This the Flor way and it’s the reason why their baked products remain the highest quality. From taste to appearance, people won’t doubt your treats are high-end.
  • GIFT BOXES. From Christmas themed boxes to authentic Japanese confectioneries, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. Perfect gift for all your foodie friends and family!
  • WORKSHOPS. Flor offers various workshops at their physical store. This changes so do check out their sites and socials for updates. Currently, there’s a fun Introductory Hand-pour Coffee workshop you can join in. 


  • SLICE CAKES: From $7.20
  • SIGNATURE CAKES: From $3.85
  • CELEBRATION CAKES: From $33.75


Payment options available at checkout.

11. Monice Bakes

SPECIALTYCustomised cakes
DELIVERY FEEStarts from $30 (External courier services are available, too)
CONTACT DETAILS+65 98150022 (No calls) | [email protected]

Monice Bakes is known for their gorgeous, out of this world designs. They’re the go to for delicious sweet treats in Singapore. Moreover, they offer the opportunity for customisation, so you can guarantee that you’ll have the best sweets regardless of the occasion. 

Note: Also still delivering — you need to visit their Facebook page or website to place an order.


  • CUSTOM MADE. When working with Monice Bakes, you can expect that no two cakes are exactly the same. This makes for a better and more unique celebration, no matter the occasion. 
  • NO PRESERVATIVES OR ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURS. Every creation coming from Monice Bakes is made with the finest natural ingredients. They may not be halal-certified, but you can guarantee that you won’t find pork or lard in any of their treats.
  • LESS SWEET AND DELICIOUS. Cakes and cupcakes are meant to be sweet, but Monice Bakes makes it so that everyone, sweet tooth or not, can enjoy their yummy treats. Even savoury food lovers can be enticed with their delicacies.
  • “SURPRISE ME” CAKE. Don’t know what cake to get? You can depend on Monice Bakes’ talented team to create one for you, even based off the most vague descriptors. They won’t be providing a sketch of the design, so this one’s a total surprise!


  • CAKES – 
  • Cookies 


50% non-refundable deposit is required to confirm booking, balance of payment can be paid in cash or Paynow during collection/delivery.


SPECIALTYPassionfruit Meringue
SELECTION SIZEModerate/Average
STARTING PRICEstarts at $48
DELIVERY FEEDelivery charge is calculated upon checkout
IG: the_patissier
CONTACT DETAILSTel: 6737 3369 (The Patissier)
Tel: 6220 5565 (Design Concierge)

Established in the early 2000s, The Patissier is now a leading bakery offering innovative and sweet cakes and pastries made from the finest of ingredients.

Check out their amazing selection of unique flavours and beautiful designs on their website.


  • Traditional French Baking – Experience traditional French baking with The Patissier. Their team is known for creating delectable treats using old technoques; integrating the old with the new. Taste sophisticated french pastries only with The Patissier.
  • Creative Flavours – With The Patissier, you’re sure to discover cakes you’ve never had before, and best believe that you’ll enjoy each and every one of it. From exotic fruits to chocolates, chiffon to meringue, it’s an adventure worth the try!


  • Chocolate
  • Meringue starts
  • Fruits
  • Cheese
  • Tart
  • Celebration Cakes


VISA, MasterCard


SPECIALTYPuff Pastries, Sugar Roll & Variety of Cakes
STARTING PRICEstarts at $1.30
DELIVERY FEE$8 per order for orders amounting to less than $50
Tel: (65) 6269 5877
Fax: (65) 6269 0779

Polar Puffs & Cakes is a beloved pastry and confectionery provider in Singapore, whose history dates back to 1926. Now, with over 29 outlets island-wide, Polar Puffs & Cakes continues to bring joy to every occasion with baked goods and cakes that are baked fresh daily.

Their catalogue features both savoury and sweet options. Their cakes ranged from the classic Black Forest to seasonal specials that match the 4 seasons. Other than that, you can also find character cakes like Hello Kitty or Star Wars in their selection.


  • SPECIAL OCCASION CAKES. Polar endeavours to make special events even more special with their limited time dessert collections. Every upcoming holiday, Polar releases dessert options that have been carefully curated to fit the theme in terms of flavour and design. 
  • SMALL DESSERT OPTIONS. Polar is quite known for offering fairly priced small sliced cakes. These cakes can come in sliced chocolate or mango roll slices or miniature character cakes that will delight any child (or child at heart)!
  • HALAL-CERTIFIED. Polar is Halal-Certified which makes it great for gatherings or gifting to accommodate people of different religions.
  • LESS SUGAR OPTION. Polar offers cakes that have 25% to 50% less sugar so that everybody can enjoy the delicious cakes without compromising on sugar intake. Another slice, please!


  • Cakes
  • Pastries
  • Tarts & Puffs
  • Photo cakes


Accepts major credit cards


Ugly Cake shop Cakes

Contrary to what the business name says, this cake shop only sells beautiful and delicious cakes and cupcakes that would totally leave you in awe once you get to taste them. The reason why they call themselves such is that they refrain from using any artificial colours and flavours in their cakes and maintain the natural beauty instead.

SPECIALTYHigh-quality cakes
STARTING PRICEStarts at $100
DELIVERY FEECalculated at checkout


  • ALL-NATURAL. The shop proves that a cake does not have to be filled with artificial ingredients and accessories just to prove its beauty because a cake will always be delightful even with only the basic ingredients that it needs.


  • Customized Cake – $100 to $600
  • Tiered Cakes – $100 to $600


Contact shop for details.

They have options of same day standard delivery, same day 1 hour delivery and midnight delivery in. No extra charges for same day standard delivery.

Although, there is a minimal delivery charge though if you opted for same day 1 hour delivery and midnight delivery (between 23:00 to 23:59).


Honeypeachsg Bakery was founded by two passionate artisanal cake artists who believed in making beautiful yet delicious cakes. 

Honeypeachsg Bakery is unlike any other bakery; they believe that “less is more”. They don’t think a fully decorated cake equals a beautiful cake. Their cakes are aesthetically pleasing because they believe that a simple approach is the most effective. 

They don’t put decorations on our cakes just for the sake of it; they do it on purpose. They believe that the most important aspect of cake design is an aesthetic eye, and they make certain that all of our designers understand and possess that essential trait.

They use fondant decorations sparingly in their cakes because fondants are made from sweet icing and do not taste as good as cream cakes. Their customers’ enjoyment of unique cake designs and fresh new flavors is always at the top of our priority list.

Honey is a delicacy and a luxury. Honey is delicious. Peaches are associated with spring and a cheerful disposition.

When their customers receive our cakes, they want them to feel as if they are in the spring season. Our cake designs are similar to honey in that they are both sweet and distinct.

SPECIALTYCustomized birthday cakes | wedding cakes | corporate orders in Singapore
SELECTION SIZEOne Tier, Two Tier, and Three Tier Cakes
DELIVERY FEESpecial Promo Delivery Fee at $9.90. Free Delivery Above $150
SOCIAL MEDIAFacebook, Instagram
CONTACT DETAILS+65 9088 4932 [email protected]


  • REASONABLE PRICES: Unlike other cake delivery in Singapore, they sell affordable cakes as it starts for only just $29.90 having the same quality and taste with their other expensive cakes.
  • WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET: Equipped with their expertise in the cake delivery business, their satisfied customers praise them as what they can see on the website materializes and turns into reality 


  • Customized Cakes: $29.90 – $395.00
  • Standard Cakes: $59.00
  • Desserts & Pastries: $4.30 – $60.00
  • Bulk / Corporate Sets: $4.30 – $29.90


You may pay them via Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amex, Visa, Mastercard, JCB and OPay

Store Pickup & Delivery
Store pickup:

The Promenade @ Pelikat
Hougang, Singapore
183 Jln Pelikat #B1-64
Singapore 537643

Studio Opening Hours:

Monday – Saturday: 10am – 5pm
Sunday: 9am- 1am
(by appointment only)


Nearest station: Kovan/Hougang MRT
Nearest carpark: The Promenade @ Pelikat, Lobby 2


Available Time Slots

Monday – Saturday:
(1) 9am – 12pm
(2) 12pm – 3pm
(3) 3pm – 6pm​​

(1) 9am- 2pm

To note:

-Please ensure that someone is around to collect during the selected timeslot as our driver will only wait a maximum of 10 minutes. In the event that an unsuccessful delivery is attempted, redelivery will be +$15.

– Let us know at least 3 days in advance if there’s a change in time slot (subject to availability).

– All these delivery time-slot is only available for cakes.

– Bundle boxes’ delivery is strictly 10am – 5pm.


Cakinology has only started in 2020 but they have already pleased numerous clients with their talent.

What’s great about them is that all of their products are always freshly baked. This will definitely fulfill your craving and maybe would want you to have more.

Aside from cakes, we love how they also serve different types of tarts, eclairs, loaves, and cream brulees.

If you are looking for a cake shop that can customize any cake, they can be the one for you. You can simply send them your inspiration and let them know the details you want them to add to your cake.

If the design is too hard for them, they will tell you what alternative they can do and wait for your approval. We can say that this is one of their great values because they still prioritize your satisfaction,

SPECIALTYCustomized Cakes
SELECTION SIZEContact for details
STARTING PRICEContact for details
DELIVERY FEEContact for details
SOCIAL MEDIAFacebookInstagram
CONTACT DETAILSWhatsapp (Preferred)
+65 8037 0530 
[email protected]


  • FRESHLY BAKED: Cakinology takes pride in baking all of its products daily and does not serve even a day old pastries
  • FRESH INGREDIENTS: What makes their products even tastier is the fresh ingredients they use. The fruits they use on their pastries are well-cleaned and freshly harvested as well.


  • Customized Cakes
  • Strawberry Tart
  • Strawberry Eclair
  • Mini Banana Loaf
  • Mix Fruit Tart
  • Chocolate Salted Caramel Tart
  • Chocolate Eclair
  • Blueberry Tart


You may visit their shop to buy their products or you can order them through GrabFood.

Delivery is not specified on their website. therefore, you may contact them for more information.

17. Four Seasons Durians

Four Seasons Durians
BEST FORDurian Cakes
PRICE RANGECakes start from $32
DELIVERY FEEContact for more information
CONTACTTel:65 6484 1619 
Email:[email protected]
PAYMENTContact for more information

Four Seasons Durians goes all the way back to the early 70’s as a fresh fruit stall. In 2002, it became a place not only for the fruit itself, but for durian infused products. Since then, it’s become a Singapore confectionary icon all over the world. We think that durian lovers will have a field day here! 


  • TASTY FOOD. We like the food that they serve. We’ve tried their cakes, pancakes, and other pastries infused with durian and we love it! They’re very tasty and even those who aren’t the biggest fans of durian have ended up liking what they have. 
  • FIXED DELIVERY TIMES. What we like about their store is how they have a fixed delivery schedule which makes it easy for us to order with them. Because of this, we know when to order and also when to expect our orders. There’s nothing we hate more than waiting on our deliveries. 


  • Pastries
  • Treats
  • Cakes
  • Cookies
  • Crepe


Contact for more information on delivery and payment. 

18. Bob The Baker Boy

BEST FORGourmet and occasion cakes
PRICE RANGEStarts from $14.90
DELIVERY FEEFree (same-day delivery)
PAYMENTMultiple options

Our experience with Bob The Baker Boy was nothing short of delightful. Their services impressed us from the moment we placed our order. The convenience they offer sets a high bar in the industry.

Their online ordering system is a breeze, making it effortless to select and customize our cake. We appreciated the user-friendly interface, which ensured a seamless experience every step of the way.

Bob The Baker Boy’s cake selections are a testament to their commitment to quality and variety. Our taste buds were in for a treat with an array of flavors and designs to choose from.

Whether it’s a classic chocolate delight or a whimsical themed cake, they have it all.

In terms of cost, Bob The Baker Boy strikes a commendable balance between quality and affordability. We found their pricing competitive, especially considering the superior taste and presentation of their cakes.

It’s a sweet deal that doesn’t break the bank.

The delivery service was equally impressive. Our cake arrived precisely on time, beautifully packaged and in impeccable condition.

The attention to detail in ensuring the safe delivery of our order did not go unnoticed.

Bob The Baker Boy has truly mastered the art of cake delivery. Their services are a testament to their dedication to making every celebration a memorable one.

The convenience of ordering online, the diverse cake selections, and the reasonable cost make them a top choice in our book.

Unfortunately, they don’t offer discounts at the present. We recommend checking in with them to know more about their affordable items.


  • Wide cake selection
  • Easy online ordering
  • Punctual delivery service
  • Affordable pricing


  1. Classic Chocolate Delight Cake
    • Indulge in the rich, velvety goodness of our Classic Chocolate Delight Cake. It’s a timeless favorite with layers of moist chocolate cake and decadent chocolate ganache. Starting at $29.99
  2. Custom Cake Design Service
    • Elevate your celebrations with our Custom Cake Design Service. Work closely with our talented bakers to create a personalized masterpiece, tailored to your theme and preferences. Varies based on design complexity, starting at $49.99
  3. Cupcake Assortment Box
    • Treat yourself to a delightful assortment of our freshly baked cupcakes. Each box includes a mix of flavors, from vanilla to red velvet, topped with luscious buttercream frosting. $19.99 per dozen


Calculated upon checkout.

19. Cakes by K

oscar's cakes homepage
BEST FORGourmet cakes
PRICE RANGEStarts from $58
DELIVERY FEEFree (same-day delivery)
PAYMENTMultiple options

At Cakes by K, our taste buds embarked on a delightful journey that seamlessly blended efficiency with indulgence. From the moment we placed our order, the swift and punctual delivery left us impressed – the only race against time we enjoyed. It’s as if our cake had a VIP pass, ensuring it arrived fresher than a morning breeze.

Our first slice revealed the true craftsmanship behind Cakes by K. The impeccable quality of ingredients used was evident, turning each bite into a symphony of flavors that danced on our palates. It’s not just cake; it’s a gastronomic masterpiece. We suspect even Marie Antoinette would trade her infamous quote for a taste of Cakes by K.

In a world where cost often dictates compromise, Cakes by K proves that luxury need not be a casualty. The affordability of their creations doesn’t dilute the opulence; it merely democratizes the pleasure of savoring a slice of heaven. A cake from Cakes by K isn’t an expense; it’s an investment in your own happiness – a sweet stock market with guaranteed returns.

Efficiency, quality, and cost would mean little without exemplary service, and Cakes by K certainly rises to the occasion. Our interactions with their customer service felt like a conversation with an old friend – warm, reassuring, and surprisingly witty. It’s not every day that a cake delivery company not only satisfies your sweet tooth but also leaves you chuckling.


  1. Effortless Ordering Process: People appreciate the seamless and user-friendly ordering experience provided by Cakes by K. The intuitive interface and straightforward steps make indulging in a sweet treat as easy as a walk in the pastry park.
  2. Punctual Precision: Time is of the essence, especially when it comes to satisfying sweet cravings. Customers rave about Cakes by K’s impeccable delivery service, where punctuality is not just a virtue but a commitment. It’s the reliability that turns an ordinary dessert moment into an extraordinary one.
  3. Gastronomic Delight: The star of the show is undeniably the cakes themselves. With a meticulous focus on quality ingredients, Cakes by K crafts confections that are more than just desserts – they are exquisite works of culinary art. The flavors are a symphony that resonates with the taste buds, leaving a lasting impression.
  4. Affordable Luxury: In a world where premium often translates to pricey, Cakes by K stands out by offering a taste of luxury without breaking the bank. Customers appreciate the accessibility of decadence, making every celebration, big or small, an opportunity to indulge in a slice of opulence without the hefty price tag.


  1. Signature Velvet Elegance Cake: A masterpiece of moist velvet cake layers, delicately infused with a secret blend of premium cocoa. Each slice is a journey through velvety indulgence, adorned with luscious cream cheese frosting that elevates this cake to a symphony of rich flavors.
  2. Divine Chocolate Decadence Cupcakes: For those craving a bite-sized bliss, Cakes by K offers Divine Chocolate Decadence Cupcakes. These miniature marvels are a celebration of intense chocolate goodness, topped with a cloud of silky ganache and a sprinkle of edible joy – the perfect treat for any occasion.
  3. Exotic Fruit Medley Tart: Cakes by K doesn’t just excel in the realm of chocolate; they also showcase their mastery with the Exotic Fruit Medley Tart. A buttery, flaky crust cradles a vibrant assortment of fresh, seasonal fruits, creating a visually stunning and palate-pleasing dessert that’s as refreshing as it is delightful.


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20. Baker’s Brew

BEST FORClassic cakes
PRICE RANGEStarts from $58
DELIVERY FEEFree (same-day delivery)
+65 8877 8870
(WhatsApp only, no calls)

+65 3129 5577
Mon-Fri 9am to 5.30pm 
Sat 9am to 1pm
[email protected]
[email protected]
PAYMENTMultiple options

Baker’s Brew has left our team with a sweet taste of satisfaction. Their cake delivery service is truly top-tier. With prompt delivery and a vast selection, they’ve elevated our celebrations to a whole new level.

Convenience reigns supreme when dealing with Baker’s Brew.

Their user-friendly website allows for swift ordering, and the option to customize cakes to our heart’s content is a delightful bonus. The process couldn’t be smoother.

Reputation matters, and Baker’s Brew has built an impeccable one.

Countless accolades adorn their name, and it’s no surprise why. Our friends rave about their cakes, and our own experience mirrors the buzz—exceptional quality, every single time.

As budget-conscious consumers, we’re always on the lookout for value. 

Baker’s Brew offers a delicious deal without breaking the bank. Their pricing is competitive, and the joy their cakes bring is worth every penny.

However, they don’t offer promos yet. We suggest checking their website for other affordable deals.


  1. Wide Array of Cake Options: Baker’s Brew tantalizes taste buds with an extensive range of cake options, from classic flavors to innovative creations. Their menu caters to diverse preferences, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Whether it’s a rich chocolate indulgence or a trendy matcha delight, their cakes consistently satisfy cravings.
  2. Reliable and Punctual Delivery: Customers appreciate Baker’s Brew’s commitment to on-time delivery. Their reliability shines through, ensuring that your cake arrives fresh and ready for the occasion. No more last-minute cake-related stress; they’ve got the timing down to a science.
  3. Exceptional Cake Quality: The standout feature for many is the consistently exceptional quality of Baker’s Brew cakes. Each slice is a masterpiece, boasting moist, flavorful layers and exquisite attention to detail in design and presentation. It’s not just cake; it’s an edible work of art that leaves a lasting impression.


  1. Classic Cakes: These are timeless favorites like Chocolate Fudge, Vanilla Sponge, and Red Velvet, perfect for any occasion.
  2. Customized Cakes: Baker’s Brew allows you to personalize cakes with special designs, themes, and messages to suit birthdays, anniversaries, or other celebrations.
  3. Cupcakes: Mini delights that come in various flavors and designs, ideal for parties or as individual treats.
  4. Macarons: These delicate, colorful French macarons are a delightful addition to any dessert table.
  5. Cake Pops: Bite-sized balls of cake on a stick, available in an array of flavors and decorations, making them a fun and portable dessert option.
  6. Tarts and Pastries: Baker’s Brew offers an assortment of tarts and pastries, including fruit tarts, eclairs, and more, perfect for those looking for something beyond cake.


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