15 Fragrant White Flowers for a Sweet-Smelling Gift

15 Fragrant White Flowers for a Sweet-Smelling Gift

There’s a certain charm in the pristine appearance of white flowers—a charm enhanced by their captivating scents.

If you want to make a white bouquet that packs a lot of fragrance, we have some flower recommendations here!

1) Gardenia


Gardenias are prized for their breathtaking blooms and captivating scent. Their large creamy white petals that form a rosette or spiral-like pattern can bring elegance to any environment.

They have a strong, sweet scent often compared to Jasmine flowers mixed with a faint aroma similar to coconut.

Their pristine white petals and sweet scent are also the reasons why gardenias are used to symbolize clarity, peace, harmony, and purity. 

Ideal Use: They’d make incredible decorations for baptism and communion celebrations. They can also be used in your wedding bouquet or flower arrangements for your reception.

2) Mock Orange

Mock Orange

Don’t let the name mock orange deceive you. While it may sound like these flowers would flaunt a vibrant orange color, that’s not the case at all! 

In reality, mock oranges, scientifically known as Philadelphus coronarius, have exquisite white petals. They are cup-shaped—sometimes star-shaped—flowers with four satin-like petals.

They’re called mock oranges not because of their appearance but because of their scent. They have a fresh and citrusy scent like an orange tree but sweeter.

Their symbolism during the Victorian era, though, was not as sweet as their scent. They were used to symbolize deceit, as their scent can make someone believe there’s an orange tree nearby. 

Ideal Use: Prepare a basket of mock oranges and a note for a friend or loved one who recently gave birth. Although the flowers symbolized deceit during the Victorian era, they’re also considered symbols of fertility.

Moreover, their sweet aroma can help mask the smell of hospitals.

3) White Roses

White Roses

Roses are probably the most iconic and beloved flowers in the world. They’re used in almost any celebration and have been featured in nearly all forms of art.

Their flowers are composed of layers of soft, velvety petals.

Not only are roses stunning, they also have a delightful scent that adds to their brilliance. Depending on the variety, they can have a sweet scent or a citrusy and fruity aroma.

They are often associated with love and romance, but there’s more to roses than just an expression of love. White roses, specifically, mean purity, grace, and eternal loyalty on top of their young love symbolism.

Ideal Use: A bouquet of white roses would make great first-date gifts. They can help you make an excellent first impression and make your partner feel happy.

4) Viburnum


Viburnum is another genus of flowering plants that’s popular for its ornamental value. There are currently over 150 species in the genus, and their appearance and fragrance vary.

Most viburnum flowers, though, are arranged in clusters called cymes or umbels and come in a variety of colors, including white. Their petals are often delicate and velvety to the touch, but the shape and number per flower may vary depending on the variety.

Most species of viburnum also emit a sweet, fresh, and sometimes slightly spicy aroma. The Viburnum x burkwoodii and Viburnum carlesii are among the most fragrant varieties of the flower.

Apart from their appearance and fragrance, they also carry several meanings. They represent pride in floriography and symbolize motherhood in Ukraine.

Ideal Use: Viburnum would make great graduation flowers for a friend or relative.

5) Tuberose


Native to Mexico, tuberose flowers are members of the Asparagaceae family and are known for their rich aroma. They have a sweet, creamy scent that’s highly distinctive from other flowers.

The flowers are so fragrant that you’ll still be able to smell them after 48 hours of picking. Their lasting and robust scent is also the primary reason they’re widely used in the perfume industry.

Not only are the flowers fragrant, but they’re also visually striking. Their creamy white multi-layered funnel-shaped flower and long stem give them a sophisticated charm that’s unique to them.

Their symbolism is also just as strong as their fragrance. They symbolize love, sensuality, lust, and obsession over someone.

Ideal Use: Prepare a bouquet of tuberose for your wedding anniversary to express your love for your spouse.

6) Jasmine


Jasmine flowers are among the first flowers to cross our mind when we think of fragrant flowers, and it’s for a good reason! They have a distinctive and alluring scent that has a calming and soothing effect.

Their rich, sweet, and intoxicating aroma has led many to associate the flower with sensuality, love, and beauty. Some cultures even consider them aphrodisiacs and use them to relax the body before engaging in intimate activities.

There are over 200 varieties of jasmine flowers, and each of them has a distinctive appearance. The most common characteristic of them, though, is their delicate white petals.

Ideal Use: You can spread the petals on your room’s floor or prepare a bouquet of jasmine flowers to surprise your spouse on your honeymoon.

7) Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley

A symbol of happiness, purity, sincerity, and luck, lily of the valley flowers are beautiful and delicate flowers known for their sweet scent. They’re also the national flower of Finland and are given to loved ones during La Fête du Muguet in France.

They have a drooping small, white, bell-shaped flower and glossy green leaves that can be a charming point in any garden and living room. 

The most captivating thing about them, though, is their fragrance that’s reminiscent of springtime. They have a clean, light, and airy aroma with a subtle hint of sweetness.

Ideal Use: Mother’s Day gift, as they can show your sincere gratitude and love for your mom

8) Freesia


Freesia is a genus of flowering plants in the Iridaceae family. It’s native to Africa but can now be found in most parts of the world.

Danish botanical collector Christian Friedrich Ecklon named the flowers in honor of his friend Friedrich Freese. Hence, freesias are considered a symbol of friendship.

Most species of freesia have pointed, spike-like petals that are arranged in a unique and elongated shape. Each stem usually has multiple blooms and often droops to one side, giving them a unique yet delicate appearance.

They also have a sweet and fruity scent. Since everyone has a different scent perception, some people may perceive freesias’ aroma differently.

Some compare the scent to honey, while some to strawberries. The general consensus, though, is that the flower has a sweet scent that adds a touch of luxury to any bouquet and flower arrangement.

Ideal Use: Prepare a basket or bouquet of freesias as a birthday gift for a friend to express your happiness for their presence.

9) Magnolia


Magnolias are another flower cherished for their beautiful appearance and captivating fragrance. There are over 200 different magnolia species with different colors and shapes.

Most magnolias have a distinct bowl shape with a rounded base and thick, waxy petals. Some varieties are single bloom, while others are semi-double and double.

Magnolias can also smell differently depending on the species, but most have vanilla and fruity aroma with a hint of spice. Their fragrance can have a soothing effect, so they’re very popular in aromatherapy.

Aside from their beauty and scent, ,agnolia flowers are also famous for their symbolism. They symbolize nobility, perseverance, and long life.

Ideal Use: They’d make great birthday gifts for parents to wish them long life and express gratitude for their hard work.

10) Honeysuckle


Honeysuckle has a very unique and striking appearance that can capture anyone’s attention at first glance. They have a tubular shape and grow in clusters along the stem.

They also grow as climbers or shrubs, so they’re better gifted in a pot rather than bouquets to give the giftee the opportunity to transfer them to their garden.

Honeysuckles have an aroma that’s reminiscent of summer. It’s intensely sweet like honey and evocative of the warm and sunny days that we spend with our loved ones.

Because of their fragrance, honeysuckles are also often used as symbols of pure happiness and new love.

Ideal Use: A pot of honeysuckle is a perfect gift for friends who just moved into a new home to express their happiness for their latest milestone.

11) Sweet Olives

Sweet Olives

Sweet olives, scientifically called Osmanthus fragrans, are a species of the Osmanthus genus. They’re native to Asia but are widely cultivated worldwide because of their sweet scent.

Their sweet aroma has a hint of apricot and peach. It’s quite similar to the scent of a fringe tree, as they’re from the same plant family.

Sweet olives are usually white and composed of tubular petals. The flowers are small, and a single stem usually carries multiple flowers.

Osmanthus flowers, including sweet olives, symbolize faithfulness, fertility, prosperity, and love. In Chinese culture, they also symbolize a bride’s loyalty, dedication, and intention to join the groom’s family.

Ideal Use: Use them for flower arrangements and bouquets for your wedding.

12) Hyacinth


Hyacinth flowers are loved for their distinctive, eye-catching, and elegant appearance. They come in various colors, like white, blue, purple, orange, pink, and red.

Their blooms grow in clusters on sturdy, upright stems. Their petals flare outwards, giving the flower a unique look.

One of the hyacinth’s most remarkable charms is its strong, sweet scent that you can smell even from a long distance. Their scent is quite similar to lavender and lilac but sweeter.  

Hyacinths are also rich in symbolism. They symbolize healing, playfulness, and love that goes beyond death.

Ideal Use: Send them as sympathy and funeral flowers to close friends or relatives.

13) Nicotiana


Nicotiana belongs to the same family as tomatoes, peppers, and potatoes—the Solanaceae family. It’s a genus with over 70 species that are native to America.

Nicotiana flowers usually have star-shaped funnel-like blooms and come in different colors, including white. They have a sweet scent that becomes stronger at night, attracting pollinators like moths.

They contain nicotine, which is toxic. Although the nicotine level in the flowers is not high enough to bring harm, we still advise keeping them away from children and pets to avoid accidental ingestion.

Ideal Use: Maya cultures used to believe that nicotiana flowers have protective energies. As such, the flowers would make excellent gifts for a friend or relative who’s moving to a different state or country to wish them a safe trip.

14) Garden Phlox

Garden Phlox

Garden phlox or Phlox paniculata are popular garden flowers prized for their beautiful blooms, fragrance, and easy-to-grow nature. 

They usually have five small, star-shaped blooms that overlap each other. They grow in a dense cluster that gives the illusion of one big flower.

They have a vanilla and honey-like scent that becomes more pronounced on warmer days. Their fragrance attracts several pollinators like butterflies and hummingbirds, so many homeowners love to plant them in their gardens.

Ideal Use: Although they’re mainly used as garden ornamentals, garden phlox can also be used to make beautiful flower arrangements. You can use them as decorations for your wedding proposal or engagement party, as they can show your desire to have a harmonious relationship with your lover.

15) Sweet Alyssum

Sweet Alyssum

Sweet alyssums are low-growing flowers with a fast-growing habit, making them perfect ground covers for your garden. They also have a strong honey-like scent that can give your garden a lovely aroma. 

They have small, four-petaled flowers, typically white, that grow in clusters. Their small nature also makes them perfect filler flowers for your bouquets.

Alyssums, including sweet alyssums, symbolize a person’s inherent kindness and sweetness in floriography. It’s also believed that they can protect you from evil spells.

Ideal Use: A basket of sweet alyssums can express your love and appreciation for a mother who has recently delivered a baby. It can also show your desire to protect her and the baby.