What Your Favorite Flower Says about You

What Your Favorite Flower Says about You

Many things express our personalities from what we wear to the car we drive. But did you know that your favorite flower also says something about yourself? 

Whether you’re looking for the perfect flower to gift to someone or you’re just curious, we’ll be discussing some common flowers and their meanings.

Popular Flowers and Their Meanings

What are your favorite flowers? Do you imagine someone giving you a flower that you especially like in the future or the other way around?

Let’s now dive into the different favorite blooms and what they mean about you.

1) Roses


Roses have always been a symbol of romantic love. However, it has a carousel of colors wherein each one has a different meaning.

Red roses represent love and passion; pink roses mean gentleness and elegance; yellow roses symbolize joy and new beginnings; coral roses express friendship and empathy; and white roses embody purity and innocence.

What it says about you: 

If roses are your favorite flower, you often follow your heart in deciding over matters. Also, you are a brave, strong, and considerate person.

2) Lilies


Lilies are popular flowers that have outspoken beauty and grace. It’s generally considered to be a symbol of purity and refined beauty.

Like the rose, each of the lily’s colors differs in expression. Take, for example, white calla lilies, they express elegance, beauty, and innocence, orange ones symbolize passion, while yellow lilies suggest cheerfulness.

What it says about you: 

You are proud and happy of yourself and your accomplishments. You value trust and honesty in a relationship, and you are a peaceful and friendly person.

3) Daisies


Daisy is derived from an Old English word, meaning day’s eye. That perfectly describes its appearance having a center surrounded by cheerful, open petals.

Because of this, they make for a great surprise to uplift a downhearted friend, wish a friend well in the hospital, or tell someone you’re happy to be with them.

What it says about you: 

You are an optimist and thus, a great person to be around! Even though things may not always look good, you refuse to be pulled down by other people.

You also aim to consider more the good than the bad in people. Also, you are likely to be a morning person since daisies love the sun and bloom in the morning.

4) Tulips


Having been around for many centuries, tulips symbolize unconditional love. This makes them a great alternative to giving a stunning rose bouquet.

Different colors also mean different things for these favorite flowers. Yellow tulips mean joy and happiness, purple symbolize royalty and class, red suggest deep love, and white ones represent honesty and forgiveness.

What it says about you: 

You’re a bit emotional yet thoughtful and caring. Furthermore, you prefer to be simple than showy in your style, and you are a nature-loving person.

5) Sunflowers


If you have someone you admire, you could give them sunflowers. In the wild, they turn to face the direction of the sun, and that is why they signify commitment or dedicated love.

Apart from that, sunflowers mean good or pure thoughts. If you like this flower, it shows you are a positive person that always looks on the bright side of things.

What it says about you: 

You are the star of the show among your friends every time. You love making new friends and exchanging stories.

As for your taste, you like bright and warm colors. Most of all, you keep your thoughts positive most of the time.

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