Best Low-Maintenance House Plants for Busy Homeowners

Best Low-Maintenance House Plants for Busy Homeowners

In the office, we work hard to earn a living for ourselves and our family. So, in going home, we’d mostly like nothing more but to rest and relax in a pleasing, tranquil environment.

One way you can easily do that is to get low-maintenance house plants from a flower shop. Low-maintenance house plants won’t need much maintenance, so they won’t use up more of your time.

So, scroll down to see some of the most beautiful house plants you can pick up if you’re a busy homeowner.

Best Low-Maintenance House Plants for Busy Homeowners

Now, let’s start our list of low-maintenance home plants! We’ll examine a bit about what these are and how to take care of them.

1) Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is one of the favorite low-maintenance plants of gardeners and homeowners. Its botanical name is Aloe barbadensis Miller.

It has nice tapering leaves with tiny thorns. It secretes a natural yellowish gel that can benefit the health in many ways like improving hair growth, removing acne, and treating burns and cuts, to name a few. 

Very self-sustaining, the plant only needs to be watered every two to three weeks. If the moisture level around your home is low, you can water it more often, and vice versa.

Also, small aloe vera is so lovely to display on your fireplace mantle or bathroom space. It also enhances a gift, for example, you can gift your loved one a small gift box and tiny aloe vera.

2) Snake Plant

Snake Plant

A snake plant (with the scientific name Sansevieria) is a succulent with graceful and waxy leaves. Having green foliage with yellow trimming gives it a distinct appearance.

It’s not very demanding in terms of sunlight and water. You can display it in dark places as long as there’s some light for it to grow and water it only when soil is completely dry—ideally every two weeks.

3) Chinese Evergreen Plant

Chinese Evergreen Plant

Chinese evergreen plants (Aglaonema) offer an assortment of leaf sizes and patterns. They look a bit scattered but they’re very beautiful plants to have at home. 

They are hardy and can thrive in almost any indoor conditions. You’d only have to water them when they’re dry, generally every 7 to 9 days during the warmer months, and 2 to 3 weeks in the colder months.

Note, however, that these plants are quite rare with floral boutiques in America and Europe. But you can try ordering it online from abroad.

4) ZZ Plant

ZZ Plant

For a seriously more low-maintenance plant, choose ZZ plants. It looks like a de-stressing olive branch that grows decoratively sideways on a pot.

The ZZ stands for Zamioculcas zamiifolia. This plant can thrive in any light conditions from dim to bright and can be left unwatered for up to a year—allowing you to take a long vacation, if you want!

The only downside to this one is its higher cost owing to its sluggish growth rate. Nevertheless, 

it makes a perfect gift or decorative item at home.

5) Philodendron


Philodendrons are these lovely plants with heart-shaped leaves. As a climbing plant, it extends out of planters and pots, which can add a nice touch to your garden or indoors.

To care for it, put it in loose, well-drained soil and water it when it feels dry to the touch. Also, place it somewhere close to the sunlight, but not directly to keep it from sprouting yellow leaves.

As you can see, easy-care house plants make for a nice and lovely gift. It’s up to you whether to get these varieties from your garden, a nursery, or have a florist deliver them for someone.

Again, each of them needs to be cared for differently as we explained earlier. You just follow them to ensure they stay healthy for a long while.

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