5 Marigold Colors for a More Colorful and Lively Bouquet

5 Marigold Colors for a More Colorful and Lively Bouquet

Marigolds are known for their vibrant petals and stunning flower heads. However, the flowers are mistakenly believed by many to only come in bright yellow and orange since those colors are the most common.

So we’ll introduce you to the other colors of marigolds, from the common sunny yellow marigolds to the passionate and bold bicolored ones. 

We’ll also share the best varieties for each color to ensure you prepare the best flower gift!          

What are the four major types of marigolds?

French Marigolds 

French Marigolds

French marigolds, also scientifically known as Tagetes patula, are small, compact plants that typically grow up to 6 inches tall. They’re loved for their brightly colored flowers that come in various shades, including yellow, orange, and red.

They’re characterized by their double or single flower heads with multiple layers of petals. They’re mainly used for decorative purposes and can often be seen in gardens, flower beds, and containers.

They also have a distinct fragrance that can repel pests, making them excellent companion flowers.

Although their name has the word French, these marigolds are actually native to Mexico and Guatemala. They got their name because of how popular they were in French gardens back in the day.

African Marigolds

African Marigolds

African marigolds or Tagetes erecta are another major type of marigold. Despite the flowers being called African marigolds, they’re actually native to Mexico.

The reason behind their name is the route they took when they were first imported. They passed through northern Africa when they were being transported to Europe, leading to some believing that they are from the continent.

They’re larger compared to French marigolds, usually reaching a height of 1 to 3 feet. Their flower heads are also quite big, growing from 3 to 5 inches.

They’re typically double or semi-double, with multiple rows of overlapping ruffled petals. They also emit a strong fragrance that can ward off pests.

Signet Marigolds

Signet Marigolds

Signet marigolds, scientifically known as Tagetes tenuifolia, are a type of marigold that originate from Central America, specifically Mexico, Colombia, and Peru.

They have quite a distinct appearance compared to other marigolds. Unlike the typical rounded and dome-shaped flower heads, most Signet marigolds produce daisy-like flowers.

They usually produce numerous small, single flowers that are clustered together. The flowers are daisy-like, with a central disc and five elongated petals. The blooms come in shades of yellow, orange, and sometimes gold. 

Another distinguishing feature of this type of marigold is it produces edible flowers that have a slightly citrusy and spicy flavor, unlike the bitter taste of other marigolds.

Triploid Marigolds

Triploid Marigolds

Triploid marigolds, scientifically called Tagetes patula x erecta, are typically created by crossing two different species of marigolds, African and French. 

Due to this crossing, triploid marigolds have an unusual genetic characteristic. They have three sets of chromosomes instead of two like the other marigold types.

This unusual genetic characteristic is also the reason why they don’t produce viable seeds. The advantage of this, though, is they are less likely to cross-pollinate with other marigolds, so their unique traits and colors are preserved.

Triploid marigolds often have a much larger flower head compared to other types due to their extra genetic chromosome. 

Their flowers can come in a variety of colors, including yellow, orange, and red. Some varieties may also have bicolored petals.

What colors do marigold flowers have?



Yellow marigolds are a beautiful addition to any garden and floral display, bringing a vibrant burst of sunny color. With their cheerful and bright petals, they can create an atmosphere of warmth and happiness.

African Marigold ‘Crackerjack’

The African marigold ‘Crackerjack’ is among the best varieties you can get if you want a yellow marigold. Their tall height, reaching up to 3 feet, and large, fully double flower head make them a great choice for single-flower bouquets.

French Marigold ‘Bonanza Yellow’

On the other hand, the French marigold ‘Bonanza Yellow’ is best if you want to make mixed bouquets. They have relatively small flower heads, and their beautiful yellow petals complement purple, green, and white flowers.

Signet Marigold ‘Lemon Gem’

If you’re looking for yellow marigolds to use as borders for garden beds and walkways, then the Signet marigold ‘Lemon Gem’ is your best bet. They have a compact size, small, lacy foliage, and bright yellow flowers that can make your borders extra beautiful.

Creamy Yellow

Creamy Yellow

Marigolds can also come in a more subdued, creamy yellow color.

Creamy yellow marigolds bring a soothing and gentle touch to floral arrangements and gardens.

African Marigold ‘Vanilla’

Vanilla marigolds typically have semi-double to fully double blooms with slightly ruffled petals that give additional volume and charm to the flowers.

These marigolds are perfect for sympathy flowers, as they symbolize grief and sorrow. Their subtle color will not likely offend anyone, as they’re unlikely to be associated with happiness, unlike red, orange, and yellow.

African Marigold ‘Kilimanjaro’

The African marigold ‘Kilimanjaro’ is also another stunning marigold species that has rich cream or light buttery yellow petals. Its flowers have densely packed ruffled petals, creating a dome-like shape.

Kilimanjaro marigolds would be excellent and unique options for wedding bouquets. You can also pair them with a wide variety of flowers, as their creamy color will likely blend and complement most colors. 



Orange marigolds are arguably the most popular, and it’s for a good reason. Aside from the fact that they usually are the most abundant, their rich and bold hues can make a statement and create a striking impact on any flower arrangement and garden.

French Marigold ‘Tangerine’

The French marigold ‘Tangerine’ features double flowers with vibrant orange petals. The petals are slightly ruffled, giving the flower head a unique and charming appearance.

Tangerines can make great decorations for patios and windows. If you receive or are planning to gift them, place them in a beautiful container or vase to make a great home ornament.

French Marigold ‘Durango Orange’

Another variety of French marigold that also produces captivating orange blooms is ‘Durango Orange.’ They have stunning large, fully double flowers that sport an intense shade of orange.

These flowers can add a fiery burst of energy to gardens or an enticing charm to flower arrangements. With their stunning and vivid petals, they make great filler flowers for bouquets.

If you’re planning to have a garden or beach wedding, Durango orange marigolds can also be great choices for your flower girls’ flower crowns.



Red marigolds are not as commonly found as orange and yellow but are just as enticing. Their bold, intense, and velvety red hue brings a sense of elegance and passion to any space they’re in.

French Marigold ‘Bonanza Red’

Bonanza Red marigolds are among the most stunning red marigolds you’ll find in nature. They’re a variety of French marigolds known for their deep red flower head, though some may come in both red and yellow.

The flowers are composed of multiple rows of overlapping petals, giving them a full and rounded appearance. The double layering also adds texture and depth to the blooms.

Consider buying a big vase for the flowers when you’re gifting them to someone. Although they would look great in bouquets, it would be a waste not to see their beautiful hues throughout spring.

French Marigold ‘Fireball’

Fireball marigolds are another variety of French marigolds that are known for their intense red flowers. Their flower heads often remind people of a blazing fire, hence the name.

For a romantic gift, we recommend putting them in a bouquet with a lot of filler flowers. The fiery red petals of the flower can symbolize your passionate love for your lover.

Red and Yellow Bicolor

Red and Yellow Bicolor

While it’s common to see flowers with solid colors, some may be bi-colored, meaning they display two distinct colors. 

For instance, some marigolds combine the intense shade of red and the cheerful hue of yellow, making them perfect statement flowers for gardens and flower arrangements.

French Marigold ‘Burning Embers’

Burning Embers marigolds are among the most stunning red-yellow marigolds you’ll find in nature. They’re a variety of marigolds that are known for their attractive daisy-like blooms.

The central disc of the flowers usually has a bright yellow color, while the petals have red, almost mahogany, and yellow borders.

These marigolds are great options for hand-tied bouquets. Their dramatic red-yellow color and vibrant green leaves can make these arrangements more beautiful.

French Marigold ‘Colossus’

If you’re looking for more dramatic and fuller marigolds, Colossus will surely capture your attention. These flowers would make great choices for basket bouquets because of their rounded, dome-like blooms.

They have multiple layers of slightly ruffled petals. Each petal usually has a rich red color with thick yellow borders.